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Let's Shake it Brisbane and Lose Weight Today!

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Have you tried to lose weight and been unsuccessful? The 'Shake it weight loss program' may just be your answer.


'Shake it' is a professional program designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively with proven in clinic results for long term success.


What makes this program ideal is that it can be tailored to suit you personally – allowing you to lose weight and overcome any previous obstacles.


Consuming high levels of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index will inhibit our body's ability to lose weightand actually switch off fat burning and therefore increase fat gain.” Says Brisbane Naturopath and Weight Loss specialist Tony Daniel.


Your body has three main sources of energy. It can use carbohydrate (sugar), fat or protein for fuel. When you can get you body's blood sugar and insulin level low enough, fat burning will increase, allowing you to burn fat for energy and therefore losing weight”.


Fat contains approximately 2.5 times more energy than sugar and therefore most people experience increased energy levels while they lose weight.


Eating less food/calories is not the answer, you specifically need to reduce those high glycemic load foods.


Using the shake it program also helps increase your overall metabolic rate, improve your energy levels and maintain your muscle mass. You won't go hungry while on shake it and should typically lose around 1 kg of weight per week while on the program.


While 'Shake it' is primarily a food based diet, it also offers numerous options in the form of snacks, bars and shakes for your convenience, to keep you satisfied and staying on track to lose weight.


In Brisbane the prevalence of obesity is sky rocketing. An estimated 55% of Brisbane men and women are overweight or obese – and about 25% of our children are the same.


Excess body fat is currently the biggest threat to the lives of Brisbane residents. It increases the incidence of chronic health issues such as: Diabetes, High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, some cancers and other cardio-vascular risk factors. Not to mention the negative effects on mental health and feelings of self worth, plus increased pain and generally reduced levels of comfort.


Losing weight and reducing your fat mass, even by a small amount, can reduce your chances of developing many of these diseases.


So let's Lose weight Brisbane, Look Great and Feel Better this summer with Shake it!


If you too want to lose weight and keep it off, then why not call Capalaba Natural Health, one of Brisbane's leading weight loss clinics and ask them about the 'Shake it' weight loss program. They will help you lose weight, help you stay focused on your goal and journey and make it a fun experience.


You can learn more about Capalaba Natural Health and the 'Shake it' weight loss diet at or call 3823 3103.


Article by Tony Daniel ND.


Tony Daniel is an award Winning Naturopath who owns Capalaba Natural Health in Brisbane.

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