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Silver Jewels are the most popular beautiful jewelry

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Silver Jewels are replacing the expensive yellow and white gold in jewelry industry.  Gold jewels are very attractive and the price tag is surely something to consider before purchasing jewelry. Silver has come a long way competing successfully with gold jewels and bronze jewels. Nothing can stand up to the sophistication and richness of silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry is actually not made with pure silver, as it is very soft and ductile. To make it retain strength and increase the durability, an alloy with copper is created. This is called as sterling silver that has purity of 925, which means that 92.5% silver by mass and 7.5% copper is used in making the alloy.

Silver is easily able to replace both white and yellow gold. Silver can easily be gold plated and look like real yellow gold, but with much low cost. As per white gold, silver and white gold almost resemble in color, if a matte finish is applied to silver jewelry then it definitely would look like white gold jewelry. So a single stone definitely kills two birds, by offering the richness and beauty of gold in the price of silver.

Jewelry made from silver alloy is reactive to moisture as well as chemicals and dust around it. So then need to be polished by 100% pure cotton to prevent it from getting damaged.

Almost any kind of Silver jewelry is possible to make, as these can be handmade and decorated with filigree word. Due to its hardness, beautiful traditional filigree work can be done over it.

The most common pieces of jewelry that can be made out of silver are, ear rings, rings, toe rings, cufflinks, buckles, brooches, chains, necklaces, pendants, bangles, bands, bracelets, body piercing, anklets, jewelry boxes and so on. Both men and women enjoy now the sophistication of wearing jewelry. Silver acts as a catalyst to emphasize their style quotient and make them look rich and attractive, without overwhelming their personalities.

Men’s section usually consists of chains, bracelets, rings, brooches, ear studs, buckles, body piercing items in silver. Bracelets and chains are the most favorite items among other silver jewelry for them, as most of the guys use these jewelry pieces on regular basis.

Women’s section is loaded with more variety of jewelry than the guys section. Stores like Genuine Jewels stock up really pretty and sophisticated jewelry both for men and women within a very affordable range.

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