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Japanese Womans Have Picked Up On The Vibe Of Harajuku

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One of the most famous
neighbourhoods in Tokyo is Harajuku. It has become particularly famous over the
last few years thanks to the international fame of the Harajuku Girls, the
back-up dancers used by Gwen Stefani. These four girls have stage names
deriving from Stefani’s brand of Love.Angel.Music.Baby. For those who have
never seen them in action, look them up online to see videos of them performing
and prepare to be astounded by their talent and aroused by their petite and
toned bodies! Just like Japanese escorts, they are small but powerful. These
girls have a stamina that can put all other girls from around the world to


Harajuku is incredibly
popular with young people on Sundays. Based in the centre of Tokyo, teenagers
and young adults flock to the area to shop, socialize and to observe the new
fashion trends. You’re more likely to stick out like a sore thumb here if you
dress conservatively rather than if you are donning giant, spiked, pink hair.
Don’t expect to see just the one style of kooky fashion, people who come here
can literally be dressed in anything. One moment you might see a a girl dressed
like an anime version of Little Bo Beep, the next you might see a girl dressed
as a zombie (and quite a hot one at that!) Many designers have began their
careers here, inspired by the creativity and rebelliousness of the people. It
is a fashion capital of the world and has made many women in Japan expand their
clothing horizons. Japanese escorts have picked up on the vibe of Harajuku,
seeing what they do with their bodies as an expression of freedom and a tool to
be naughty with! There is a large shopping district with brands from all over
the world as well as smaller, independent brands which are affordable to the
younger shoppers. You can more than likely expect to see a Japanese escort in
one of the many lingerie stores as here they can find the sexiest and kinkiest
undergarments to look drop-dead-gorgeous in.


In the United Kingdom
and United States, conventions are held where people can dress up as characters
from comic books and cartoons and congregate to admire each others outfits and
take part in some fun activities. However, such conventions are not held often
which is a massive shame for costume fans. If anyone walked down a road in
London dressed as an anime character or as Spiderman, most people would think
they had escaped from a mental institution or they might even be arrested. That
kind of quirkiness is just so rare that people don’t know how to react to it.
This is why Harajuku is every fantasy-dresser’s dream! The freedom to express
yourself without being victimized must be elating. Escorts from Japan are very
encouraging when it comes to exploring your inner urges and your deepest
desires which is why they are so popular all over the world.


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