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Planning a Successful Web Application

by kunwarpal

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Whenever setting out to make a web application or a website, the most important step is to planit. Planning and documenting your project is very important to avoid errors and confusion during development and in future to make it a success.Good planning helps to recover in case of sudden and unexpected failures.No one wants to fail in his objectives. So, to prevent the failure of the web application, proper planning has to be done prior to the actual development process.  Planning and designinga website can be the most time taking and exhausting part of theapplication development process. However,if it is properly planned and documented, the process becomes easier. Here we discuss the most important aspects of a properly planned and documented web application. 

A good plan consists of a specifications document defining all the parts and features of the website. The details and definitions of each object are provided for the team to understand.The users and the security levels are explained in a good web application plan. The design should be clear and identifiable.It should possess the minimum of complexity. Such a planavoids failures in the future.The planning process should not be done in a hurry or simply skipped. Different complex scenarios of using the website should be thought of andanalyzed. If a plan considers most of the scenarios it would be taken to, then the plan can be said to be a good plan. 

On the programming level, the data models and definitions are put down with proper details. The access rights and authorities of users should be properly designed.The functions and modules must be explained so that the developers build an understanding of the project.Does what, trigger what function, and what it triggers in return is to be mentioned with proper indications. 

The team members, working for the web application or website, should have a good co-ordination among them with proper understanding of the project.The plan must be accepted, approved and signed off by the upper management, the investors and stakeholders.The plan has to be understood by the developers as well as the clients. The whole website should be developed according to the plan approved. 

A poor plan fails to make the application identifiable to the planners, developers, management, clients and investors.Such applications and project go waste if a major failure occurs during or after development.A failure after delivery is the worst thing that can happen to a website.To prevent this from happening, the whole team should work co-operatively, trying to find solutions for the persisting problems rather creating new issues.For More Detail Visit :

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