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The Quality of Pearl Jewelry a Woman Wears

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Pearls are unique, and each one exhibits a different beauty than the next. Pearls are miracles brought forth by nature and a little human interaction. People love pearl jewelry because of there individuality and due to how many different types, styles, colors, and shapes of pearls there are in the world. The most common type of pearl are freshwater pearls. Due to the ease and numerous quality that can be produced, these pearls are often the most affordable and well-know pearls in the world. The oysters where these pearls are grown can produce up to twenty five pearls per harvest. Next in line come salt water Akoya pearls. These pearls were first grown in Japan, where the art of making the flawlessly round shape was corrected.

These pearls are nucleated with a perfectly round irritant, allowing the pearl to form an effortlessly round pearl. This is one of the characteristics that make these usually 8 mm. pearls so desired. Then come Tahitian pearls, which are considered some of the most exquisite pearls in the world. Thoguh they are very popular in Pacific islands, these pearls are becoming world renowned because of there distinctive splendor. One characteristic of these pearls is that they are larger than freshwater and Akoya pearls. These pearls generally start growing at a size of 8mm within the oyster.

Though they are addressed as black pearls, Tahitian pearls range within tones of black, gray, turquoise, peacock, and green, one can understand why they are so sought after. The most divine pearl in the world in the South Sea Pearl. This pearl is a soft, golden yellow color, but can also come in silver or white. These pearls, like Tahitian pearls only produce on pearl per oyster at each harvest and are therefore more rare than other types of pearls. The outstanding elegance of each pearl truly allows the beauty of the wearer to be unleashed. To get in touch with your inner gorgeousness, shop at

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