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Tahitian Pearl Earrings are Amazing in Beauty

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Though popular in the Pacific Islands, the familiarity of Tahitian pearls has begun to be world-renowned. Each pearl has its own unique beauty which makes them a favorite item among our customers. These pearls were originally cultured in the waters of French Polynesia, specifically Tahiti. They are harvest from a specific oyster known as the “black-lipped oyster.” Though these pearls are considered “black,” the shades vary from dark green tones, to turquoise blue, to purple, and even peacock color because of the various shades contained within the shell of the oyster.

These pearls are unique because of the fact that there can only be on pearl per oyster. This fact makes these pearls the second most rare pearl in the world. One other interesting fact about these pearls is that they start growing at 8mm inside the oyster, making them some of the largest on the market. If freshwater pearls are all you have ever heard of, this is because of the commonality of them, and the large amount that can be produce in each oyster, making them the most known pearl, this is why Tahitian pearls are more rare. One other great feature of these pearls, is that their beauty, comes from the fact that the luster Tahitian pearls have reflects light easily. Many people refer to luster as the way light reflects off the pearl.

When looking at the quality of luster, if you can see your refection in the pearl, this often means the luster is very bright; these reasons are why many people fall in love with Tahitian pearls. Due to the fact that each pearl is so unique and there is only one pearl per oyster, Tahitian pearls are extremely hard to match in color. This makes Tahitian pearl jewelry exquisite as well as extraordinary. At Aloha Pearls, we have a team of experts that spend hours hand-picking each pearl and matching them to their perfect pair, creating a one-of a kind Piece of jewelry anyone will love. Shop online at to find truly beautiful Tahitian pearls.

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