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Generally most of the people were heard about the term kava, but they won’t have any idea and not aware of what it is? What it is used for? Where is it available? In order to know details about kava go ahead.

Kava or Kava kava is an ancient herbal drink, which has been used by the South Pacific Royal families as a social and healthy drink. The biological name of Pacific Kava is Piper methysticum. The best region for cultivation of kava is the sunny region of Polynesia Island. It is also available on most of the shopping regions and buy Kava to enjoy it benefits as well as wealth.   Pacific Kava also been well known in the following names.


           Lava root

           Piper Methisticum

           Kava kava



It was first found in 18th century by Europeans in the Pacific Islands and also it is very common in Oceania. Pacific Kava is not only a social drink; it is also used for medical purposes and to improve health.

Ways for Kava Preparation:

Naturally kava contains its own lactones, which is destroyable in heat so it is prepared and infused with cold liquids. As the lactones of kava were insoluble in water, the kava root been squeezed hardly and rigidly to extract the lactones. The tougher the root is compressed the more quantity of lactones will be obtained proportionally. Kava kava has been processed in natural way with no chemicals added and prepared as various forms as follows

Kava Waka

Kava Lawena

Kava Bowls

Kava Cup

Kava Waka is nothing but the root of the kava plant. It is pulled up completely and washed thoroughly until get rid of last sand particle and soil. Then it is dried in sun light and finally powered.

Kava Lawena is prepared from the stem of the kava shrub. Kava Lawena has various taste, color and flavors. The preparation methods of Lawena and Waka were almost similar.

Kava Bowls and Kava Cup was none other than that    size and quantity of the kava available as packed items. The bowls were made up of native tree grown in Fiji by professional Fiji men and perhaps the cup been made by coconut shells. Kava is also available in websites, buy kava through online by using VISA and MasterCard. The product will be delivered to the address given by the customer.

The Kava kava manufacturers prefer that the most efficient result of kava was obtained when the kava was mixed with water and drink it. As it was a natural product and not treated with other chemicals. It cures clog on urinary tracts, to reduce weight, headache and also for asthma.

Pacific Kava is not only used for medical purpose, it has been used and drank for traditional purpose like naming children, sacred rituals and it also used to drink when establish peace between people. It can be drink even on an empty stomach as it is natural product it won’t create harm instead the lactones being absorbed by body and provide more energy. Buy kava on their official website on reasonable cost and get it transported to home within a week.

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