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What Blood Pressure Numbers Reveal About Your Health

by anonymous

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If you are interested in lowering blood pressure for health reasons, you need to know how blood pressure numbers work. To determine what your numbers are, you can use a device called a blood pressure monitor. It is very important to figure out what your blood pressure is, as it can give you a clear indication of your heart's health.

If your blood pressure numbers get too high, it can be a sign of hypertension as well as other serious illnesses like kidney disorders or diabetes. These health problems are not to be taken lightly, as they can be fatal. Normal, healthy adults have blood pressure numbers between 90 and 120. If your blood pressure crosses 130/90, you most likely have hypertension and are at risk of other illnesses as well.

There are certain medications that you can take which will help when it comes to lowering blood pressure. It is important to consult with a doctor before you begin any high blood pressure treatment. If you lower your blood pressure too much, you can create another problem known as hypotension.

While low blood pressure is generally considered a good thing, serious health risks like hypotension are a real possibility if it gets too low. If you happen to have lower-than-normal blood pressure numbers, there are a few ways to treat the problem. In mild cases, you simply need to eat a candy bar or drink a cup of coffee. If your low blood pressure becomes more serious to the point that you suffer from dizziness, your doctor will most likely prescribe you medication to treat the problem.

Blood pressure numbers can be hard to gauge, so it is important to seek the help of a doctor. While you may be able to find out your own blood pressure, you will most likely not have the medical expertise required to make a proper diagnosis. In order to differentiate between normal fluctuations and serious abnormalities, you need to speak with a qualified physician.

If you check your own blood pressure numbers and see that they appear to be too high or too low, do not panic. It is normal for external factors to temporarily raise or lower your blood pressure. Before you get too concerned, go and visit a doctor to have a thorough review performed.

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