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Common Questions and Answers about Dental Implants

by hugomcsharry

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Are you a patient who is missing one tooth or multiple teeth? If so, it is extremely important for the appearance of your smile to get the necessary tooth replacement treatment right away. A gap in the smile not only affects a patient’s appearance, but it also hurts the patient’s overall dental health. For those who have been considering tooth replacement options, you’ve probably already heard about dental implants. It’s now time to gain some valuable information about how dental implants work, and who can benefit from them. Read on for more info from our Westfield NJ dental implant dentists.

Q: Are dental implants the correct solution for me?

A: Those who have lost a tooth due to infection or dental trauma may benefit from dental implants. Some patients with decreased jawbone density may need to undergo bone grafts before they can receive dental implants. Your Dentist will be able to determine if you require any preliminary treatments before receiving your dental implants.

Q: What kind of teeth can dental implants replace?

A: Restorations can be made to replace any type of tooth, from molars to canines. It does not matter which tooth or teeth are missing, patients may be able to restore the smile with custom made dental implants.

Q: How many dental implants can a patient receive?

A: Dental implants can be used to replace as many teeth are necessary to restore the smile. As long as you have sufficient bone density throughout your smile, you can receive a dental implant to replace any number of teeth.

I hope this information about dental implant treatment has been helpful, and that you feel more informed about your dental options. Please give our Westfield, NJ dentist office a call if you would like to learn more, or if you’re ready to get started by scheduling your first consultation. We can’t wait to help you restore your teeth and smile confidently once again!

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