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A Mobile App can be Used as a Promotional Tool

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With the rise in the number of Smartphones and the other mobile devices coming into the market, mobile applications are becoming even more important. In fact, the apps are playing an essential role in contributing to the overall success of the brand marketing strategies. However, prior to moving into the discussion of how an application can be used in an innovative manner to work as a promotional tool, let us look in details at the importance of the mobile apps.

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Mobile Apps as Promotional Tools

Brand manufacturers make various use of the applications to enhance the sales of their business. The techniques usually include app subscription features, pay-per-download, ad-supported promotions, in- application micro payments and so on. Consequently, advertising through the smart devices is emerging popular and businesses are investing heavily on it.

Innovative Ways of Using the Mobile applications

Now, using the applications as promotional tools involves an elaborate and often difficult procedure. Here is an overview of the 5 most innovative ways:

1. Linking QR Codes to Facebook 'Likes' : This was yet another innovative idea that paved the way for an effective use of the mobile applications as the promotional tools. Diesel allowed its customers to use the QR codes to check in on FB and 'like'. Now, liking a product implied that the individual would get a discount on it as a reward for advertising the items offered by the brand among the Facebook friends.

2. Using Phone-Less Facebook Checkin : It was found out after considerable research that the Facebook Checkin does not require a PC or a phone. Considering the fact that most people have the Facebook app on their Smartphones, a promotion was carried out by Renault where the participants were given RFID- enabled cards. These cards could be used to check in to the pillars standing near Renault's cars. Following this, the participants could check in on FB and thereby, 'like' the varying models.

3. Facilitating the Branded Video Ad : The Branded Video ad, promoted by Coldwell Banker, brought about a unique as well as innovative ad format. The ad, which basically appeared as a banner, offered people with the opportunity to click on it to see more. The campaign was successful leading to about 7% upward rates.

4. Introducing Payments through Mobile : Facilitating payments through mobile is an effective way of making the mobile apps more useful as well as functional apart from rendering them with a unique newness. A program launched by the brand, Starbucks allowed its customers to buy coffee in the most hassle-free manner. Starbucks went ahead of the mobile payments curve. The facility, which was available for the customers making use of the BlackBerry apps and the Startbucks Card Mobile Iphone, emerged to be an instant success.

5. Facilitating Explanations of the QR Code on YouTube : This particular step was indeed innovative in the sense that it recognized those customers who were not quite technology- friendly. While launching a QR code program, Macy also released a video on YouTube that explained the program to the laymen and the not so tech-savvy ones. Everyone was given the opportunity to participate in the program including those who were without a Smartphone.

The Importance of Smart Device Strategies for Businesses : For businesses of all sizes and nature, mobile apps will turn out to be increasingly important in the coming days. Apart from promotion, the apps will find usage in several areas. Here is an overview of the current trends, which explain the significance of the applications.

  • Smart devices are getting more local and as such, even the small business owners can make use of the apps to target and satisfy the local users.

  • Mobile videos are emerging popular as a visual medium that appeals people to the maximum possible extent.

  • The devices are constant and at the same time, social.

  • The devices are excellent tools for generating sales.

The above-mentioned trends justify app development and their influence over the marketing strategies of an organization.

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