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The RSVP Dilemma Solved With Online Invitations By Email

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One of the most stressful moments a party planner can have, whether it’s mom planning her kid’s birthday party or a host taking care of a guest’s baby shower, it’s the fact that people rarely respond or even send back the RSVP card.  The RSVP card, or even just the RSVP details, is not included in an invitation simply because it makes the invitation look good.  It serves a major purpose and that is to let the host of the party know that you are coming or not coming to attend. 

What is RSVP?

The letters RSVP stand for “Repondez s’il vous plait” a French term which means “Please Respond” or “Please Reply”.  You will often find these letters at the bottom of an invitation for casual events like birthday parties or baby showers.  For more formal events, the invitation package usually includes its very own RSVP card.  The RSVP card indicates your name (the invitee) so the host can see who the RSVP card is from, the number of people attending (if you’re going to bring a guest with you) and the very explicit “I will attend” and “I will not attend” tick boxes. 

The reason why hosts include them in an invitation is because once you finish reading through the details specified in the invitation, like the date and time of the event, the location or the venue where it will be held and for whom the party is being thrown, then you will be able to check your own schedule, verify your plans and decide whether you’re going to attend or not.  The RSVP details are also pretty forthcoming so you really have no excuse not to act on the RSVP.

What to do with an RSVP?

In the case of formal events where there is an RSVP card included in the invitation, it’s a classic no-brainer.  You simply fill out the RSVP card with your name, the number of persons attending or not attending and then send it out by mail to the host of the party, preferably before the date indicated on the “Please respond by_____”. 

In a more casual setting, you may RSVP through the phone via the numbers indicated on the invitation.  A deadline to confirm your attendance is usually indicated so it is appreciated if you can make your decision known as soon as possible.

The RSVP dilemma

The RSVP dilemma is simple.  It is when people

(1) Intend but forget to reply, either through RSVP card or other forms of communication;

(2) Don’t care to reply but attend anyway;

(3) Reply the soonest but fail to attend the event. 

These three situations make it very stressful for the people who are planning the party.  The reason why there’s an RSVP in the first place is so that the hosts can count the number of attendees and plan accordingly.  The number of those who replied ultimately affects the decision on the venue, the food and drink and even in the number of loot bags to be given away.  There have often been instances when people didn’t reply either through neglect or disregard and still managed to attend which upped the costs and expenses for the party host.  How about the instances when you replied you were going to attend and then at the last minute, ditched the party?  Imagine the leftovers, the venue with only half the people invited in it and the loot bags that are left on the party table. 

The online e-invitation by email solution

The problem with people forgetting to send in their reply cards or even taking the time out to call for confirmation is probably that they’re too busy to do it at all.  There is a new trend to invitations now called online e-invitations where you can create your party invitations online.  With online e-invitations, you get to create your own invitations from existing design templates which are fully customizable, then simply include your details and when you’re done, you send them off via email to your guest list.  The system allows people you invite to RSVP with just a click of the button, which is very simple, easy to do and is rather instantaneous the moment you finish reading the details of the invitation.  You get to keep track of their replies which makes it easy for you to follow-up if you need to. 

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