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Four Steps To Solve Complex Math Problems

by ustudyhall

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If you are a parent who is struggling to understand why Mathematics is such a task for your kid, don't worry, you aren't alone. However, it is important to understand that children find a particular subject difficult when they look at it as being irrelevant or uninteresting. That means the root of the problem is not that Math is difficult for them to grasp, it's just that they don't find it interesting and are plain bored by the subject. As a parent then, what can you do to make Math fun for your kids? You definitely have tried to explain its importance and may also have sat with them to help them solve those problems but none of this are working out. In this article, we will have a look at a few things you can do to make math more fun for your children.

Play with Maths
Who of us don't relate to what kids love to do the most? Play! Yes if you replace the boring black and white Mathematics books with colourful and interactive stuff you are sure to grab the attention of your kids. If you introduce Math as a captivating game, your kids will more likely enjoy it. There are many such free math games that you can look for online or there are even websites where you can get yourself registered and let your kids do their math online.

Confidence Booster
All of us whether we be kids or adults, need to be motivated to excel in the things that we find ourselves are weak at. None of us like doing things we think we are not good at it. This is true with our kids as well. If you see your kids not doing well in Math, try and get to the root of the problem. Understand what is it that he finds difficult and then try to simplify things for him. Have him attempt easier and smaller problems. Every time they are able to solve a problem, correctly commend them right away with a pat on the back or may be even with a reward. A commendation given at the right time can act as a booster for your kid's interest in Math.

Living with Math
If you let your kids learn math from the things they do in their real life, you will not only be teaching them maths but also the relevance of it in their life. You can make your kids conversant with Math in daily life. When buying stuff for them, let them do the addition and calculate the total amount they need to pay and subtract and get the change back from the shops. This is just one of the things, if you look around you will find many opportunities to teach them different maths in real life.

Encourage Competition
Kids like to compete they want to do better, like their video games or the ball game they play; they want a better and higher score. Similarly, if you can score your kids when he is solving his math, it may be an additional reason why he would want to do well. Tell him how many points he can earn for solving a math problem and what he can get if he collects a set number of points by the end of the study period. Make a chart, place it on the board, and encourage your kid to beat his previous score for more rewards.

These methods will surely be very effective when parents implement them in the right way. You are interested in your kid's study because his future is at stake. However, if your kids find study interesting it will make sure that his future is rewarding.


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