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Getting a cure for kids suffering from cerebral palsy

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As per the statistics from the United States of America, more than 764,000 kids and adults currently suffer from cerebral palsy and it amounts to every 2-3 children in every 1000 being born with the impairment. Cerebral palsy is one of the most prevalent motor disabilities in children and is caused due to a neurological condition that affects the proper development of the brain and the central nervous system. This is much like partial paralysis where the patient suffers from loss of sensation, uncontrollable body movements and impaired behavioral responses. Generally, the first symptoms of the illness are evident in the first three years of a child’s life. The most common symptoms of cerebral palsy in childrenwill include:

  • Late development milestones including speaking, walking, or crawling
  • Unusual walking stance
  • Abnormal muscle tone and experiences stiffness
  • Easily startled
  • Difficulty suckling and feeding
  • Relies more upon one side of the body
  • Bad balance and coordination
  • Hearing problems
  • Sight problems
  • Bowel disorders
  • Limited range of movement

In many cases, pre natal cerebral palsy results in the unique condition of what we call to the ‘Down syndrome’. Studies revealed that a much low percentage of children suffering from Down syndrome also had cerebral palsy. It appears that the condition kicked off after the birth was complete but the Down syndrome was developing in the embryonic stage itself. Down syndrome is commonly caused by a cell division error wherein the new embryo is left with an extra chromosome rather than the normal 23.

However, both result in abnormal motor functions as a result of brain lesions. The ‘non-progressive’ lesion restricts the growth of a definite part of the brain and a subsequent partial paralysis. A treatment that is currently proving to be highly effective is the G therapy. In lot many cases, cerebral palsy in children have been minimized if not completely cured with the use of herbal techniques suggested by the G therapy.

While g therapy has been a controversial treatment procedure since its launch, many cases have been reported wherein children have highly benefited from it. Further there is ‘zero’ side effect and improved speech, communication, concentration, motor coordination and sleep could be regarded as a therapy for Down syndrome. Procedures by Dr Gunwant Oswal (founder of G therapy) have brought about an incredible 70% improvement in motor control and normal behavioral responses. More and more parents all over the world are turning to G therapy as a means to bring about a cure to kids suffering from cerebral palsy and acute Down syndrome. There hasn’t been any clinical trials this far and nor are the secrets of the procedures revealed yet, but having no side effect does provide an alternative to patients worldwide.

Cerebral palsy in children is an unlucky thing but nothing that cannot be cured. There is still hope for a normal lifestyle to take over at some point of time.

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