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by Krishnakumar

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Obesity / Weight Management : 
Obesity has become a major concern for health professionals as it is
gaining epidemic proportions throughout the world. The WHO estimates that
there are at least 300 million obese people worldwide today and the figure
could shoot up to 1billion in the future.
High fat food, sedentary lifestyle, and too much alcohol are some of the
causes of obesity resulting in accumulation of excessive fat being
deposited in various body channels. Other causes could be genetic lineage,
use of Steroidal contraceptives, Hypothyroidism, Cardio Vascular diseases,
and so on.
When treating Obesity, it is imperative that the exact cause of the disease
be first determined. Hormonal Assay, Lipid Profile and other investigations
are necessary for this purpose.
Charaka, the great physician of Ayurveda, termed Obesity as Sthaulya and
included it under Asta Nindatiya Purushas (Eight undesirable physiques).
Overweight persons ( Athisthula Purushas) are more prone to health risks
and diseases of the heart, high blood pressure, stroke, osteoarthritis,
diabetes, infertility, skin diseases and certain types of cancer.
Ayurvedic medicines and therapies can be of great benefit in treating
obesity without the negative side effects of conventional drugs. Contrary
to general belief, diet therapy alone is not enough. Diet can avoid further
possibilities of obesity, but the fat within body channels has still to be
treated and defective metabolism corrected, which is done by Ayurveda
A typical treatment for obesity under Ayurveda would comprise medicine,
therapies and dietary advice. The medicine prescribed will be dependent
upon the results of the investigation to determine the cause of obesity,
your body type ( Prakruthi) and BMI ( Body mass index). Appropriate
Panchkarma ( Detoxification ) therapies spanning a treatment cycle of 4-5
weeks  and a specially designed diet comprising of nourishing but depleting
food will help reduce obesity, mobilise the fat, reduce blood cholesterol,
impart mobility to joints, strenghthen muscles and refresh the body.
Keva Ayurveda offers authentic, well tested and highly effective Ayurveda
curative and rejuvenative treatments under the guidance of experienced
Ayurveda doctors. Also located within our centres is a well stocked
pharmacy with a range of medicines to treat a variety of ailments. In
addition, the centres stock herbal skin, hair and beauty products to
naturally improve your well being.
Other than treatments for Obesity, Keva Ayurveda offers speciality
treatments for Spine and Joint Care, Insomnia and Stress, Diabetes, Skin
care and many more ailments.


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