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Treat yourself to cheap phone sex

by cheapphonesex

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If you are looking for a deliciously sexy time with the hottest UK girls, then you definitely need to call into the phone sex lines. Enjoy cheap phonesex with slutty girls who will have your cock throbbing hard, well until you unleash a nice load of sweet cum for them. The live phonesex lines have a variety of kinky themes so you can find the perfect girl that will fit into your dirty wanking pleasure and fantasies. All of your live phone sex desires will be catered for. There is never an idea, theme, style, fetish or fantasy that is too wild for these girls. So pick up the phone and dial the phonesex number that is going to leave you breathless, exhausted and satisfied from the kinky fun and incredible pleasure that you're about to experience. All of your wildest desires are about to be thoroughly devoured by a horny slag. Treat yourself to cheap phone sex that will certainly have you exploding. It's only 36p and your pleasure expectations will be blown out of the water... Amongst plenty of other things, of course.


The phonesex operator of your dreams is waiting for you to call in and enjoy cheap phone sex. One of the girl's phone calls are being recorded right now, which is another option available to you at the phonesex line if you just want to sit back and listen to the kinky slags. Here is what is going on in that phone call with one of our sexy horny slags right now.


The horny slag just began the phone call with an eager, dirty man who is looking for her to cater to all of his wanking needs. As they get to know what each other is in to, things quickly become heated over the phone. You can hear the breaths becoming shorter, the moaning growing more prominent and the sounds of the phone sex girl's soaking wet pussy can be heard over the ruffling of the phone from the man grabbing his cock on the other end.


The kinky girl starts to slide her hand down her body, stopping at her perky nipples that are peaking through her little tank top. She's not wearing a bra and you can see her perfect tits underneath her clothes. She takes her index and middle finger and pinches her pink nipple and pulls lightly. She can feel the juices start to seep down in her knickers. She slides her tank top over her breasts, allowing the brisk cold air brush over her already hard tits. She quivers from the sensation that sends vibrations down to her pussy. You can hear the man on the phone as his breath shudders listening to the live chat girl play with her nipples. The conversation is slowly getting hotter, and the climax is getting closer.


The live sex chat girl begins to slide her hand from her breasts down her tight stomach, past her jewelled belly button, and down to the top of her knickers. She can feel how wet she is and can't wait to give this man the phone sex fk of a lifetime. She peaks her fingers under the brim of her knickers and slowly moves her hand down underneath her pants, feeling the warmth coming off of her pussy as she moves closer. The man on the phone can hear the juice of her wet pussy meet her fingers as she slides them inside of her lips. She circles around her little hole before going back up and pinching her swollen cit. She hangs her head back in pleasure as she begins to moan and enjoy the feeling of her fingers vigorously rubbing her clit in between her index and middle finger. 


She can hear the man wanking harder as she plays with her clit faster. "I beg for you to let me ride your cock."

"Not yet." The man replies. "I'm not done listening to you play with yourself."

"Slam your cock in me as you cum so you can fill my pussy." The live phonesex girl demands of the man on the other side of the phone. You can hear the juices of her pussy squish every time she leaves her clit and slams her two fingers into her hole. "Make me scream your name. Fk me as hard as you are wanking right now." Their breaths became even shorter. By now, the man is groaning with all the moans the live chat girl is making. She's squealing loudly every time you can hear her slam her pussy with her fingers, desperately trying to make herself squirt.


"I want you to open your mouth and take my dick in your throat first." The man demands.

"Auuuuh". The live chat girl is obviously opening her mouth up wide, allowing her throat to be pounded by his hard dick.

"Gag for me."

The live chat girl can be heard gagging on her caller's dick. The man removes his cock and begins to slap it on the live chat girl's tongue.

"You like the taste of that dick?" He asks.

"Mmmm." The girl responds.

"Good. Bend over and let me slam you hard."

The live chat girl can be heard moving on her side of the line. Her ass is perched up on the edge of her couch. Her back is arched and she reaches back to separate her cheeks, giving the man an open look at the little hole his cock is about to spread.

The man spits on her asshole and begins to rub his thumb around her rim and down to her pussy. He sticks his thumb in her pussy as she lets out a loud squeal. With his thumb still in her pussy, he moves his hand so he can start to play with her clit. The live chat girl is squirming in pleasure.

"Fk me, please" She begs as the man fingers her pussy and clit. "I want your dick so bad" She moans.

Just at that moment, the man removes his fingers from her pussy and grips tightly on his dick. Again, he begins to slap her with his dick, only this time on her pussy. Her juices begin to squirt from her pussy as he slaps it harder. He then lines his nice head up with her hole, places one hand on her hip and slams his shaft hard inside of his live chat slag. She moans loud and as he begins to thrust inside of her, filling her petite little pussy with every inch of his shaft, the live chat girl can be heard screaming his name. You can hear the sounds of her ass slapping up against his stomach with the fast thrusts he's giving her. The slapping. The squishing. The squealing and the screaming is making him grow closer to climax, and her too.

He reaches up to her face with one hand, as the other one grips her tight ass, and grabs her face.

"Look at me when I fk you." He demands.

The live girl complies, as she peaks her head backwards to watch the man fk her hard like the horny, kinky slag that she is. The pain of his hard cock slamming her pussy makes her eyes squint as she moans from the pleasure.

"Open your eyes and watch me!" He demands.

She struggles to keep her eyes on his dick that is slamming her from begin.

"Are you ready to have my cum fill you?" He asks.

"Mmm. Cum with me: The girl moans.

You can hear the man begin to fk her harder and faster. He reaches his hand around and starts to finger her clit as he pounds her. Their breaths are much shorter. The sweat of their bodies can be heard in between the moans. He then quickly pulls his dick out and slams his entire shaft deep into her pussy as he lets out a loud groan and she begins to tremble and shake, screaming his name.

He fills her pussy with his cum as she squirts all over his shaft. You can hear the sounds of him pulling his dick out of her soaking, cum filled pussy. They're both left breathless, still moaning in complete ecstasy from the incredible pleasure they just experienced with one another.

"Same time next week?" The man says.

"I'll be here." The live chat girl responded in a cute and flirty voice. And just like that, both of them had an incredible wanking session together that left them feeling better than anything they knew would be possible from wanking and cheap phone sex. The affordable price definitely doesn't represent the high quality, priceless experience that is provided.

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    Cheap live phone sex with slutty UK women. Dirty adult sex chat 24 hours a day and only 36p per minute. Enjoy kinky cheap live sex chat with our sexy ladies on 0909 866 5363.

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