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GHS: The Universal Standard to Label Chemicals

by thecomplinancecenter

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You can never deny the role played by chemicals in the development of the world as it stands now. But along with that, the danger posed by them cannot be ignored too. The content in such chemical substances could be quite dangerous such that it could actually result as a threat to the mankind. So there handing demands extra care. Therefore it is important to have some strict regulations around them that should be followed for all stages of their use i.e. from production to transportation. The universally harmonious guideline that addresses the issue of classification of such materials is known as the GHS. GHS was founded by the United Nations to bring uniformity in the specifications while dealing with Hazmat. Earlier and even today countries implement their individual regulations that eventually became the source of confusion and challenge for the shippers and workers. GHS was born to bring uniformity in this regard with increased safety and convenience.

This system combines different regulatory systems and utilizes safety data sheets and labels to implement a single set standard. The labels include Hazard statements, GHS pictograms, signal words and symbols to identify as well as categorize chemicals according to the level of toxicity that comes attached with them. These labels could be used on the containers carrying Hazmat as well as the workplace to indicate the nature of material and the related threat posed by it. This system has formulated specific instructions in this concern with specifically sized and colored labels. Different color patterns indicate the kind of threat associated with such chemical items and hence increases safety.

GHS or Globally Harmonized system comes with a host of advantages for everyone from the Government, companies as well as the workers who are dealing with them. Now for the companies there is no need to deal earlier myriad of local regulations as well as an entirely different set when they need to cross international boundaries. It also reduces the operational costs faced by them as now there is no need to change labels across the containers while changing geographical locations. This universal set of instructions could be easily understood and followed across the globe. Even for workers this single set of regulations makes their understanding about the nature of Hazmat better. They can handle emergency situations such as chemical spill, fire etc quite efficiently now.

So now you can see that this universal standard to classify chemicals i.e. the GHS comes with a host of advantages that is definitely good for the community. If you are dealing with such products then following these regulations by the UN could be quite beneficial. Implementing GHS initially could be a bit difficult and to ease yourself in this regard you can take the help of specific companies that provides complete GHS packaging and training solutions. You can search for such companies easily on the internet and avail their services.

The author deals is an expert in this field and deals with hazmat. In this article he explains as to why GHS or globally harmonized system is a universal standard.

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