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EPABX System Advantages

by smesauda01

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A vital entity of any enterprise or business organization is the telephone. The telephone helps people from the organization to communicate to various clients and various others for operations related purposes. Anyone can also contact the office in return for queries and other related issues. A business telephone otherwise known as electronic private automatic branch exchange is not just an ordinary telephone but has several functions a normal telephone would lack. One of the main advantages using an EPABX system is that multiple lines can be interconnected and this allows various operations unlike a normal telephone.


For example an office has an official number to which anyone can call. There can be several departments in the organization but that does not mean the company needs to have a different phone number for every department. Once the call reaches the reception for example, the concerned person to communicate with has to be mentioned by the caller and the receptionist can divert the call to the extension which is usually a single digit number or two digit number. The various departments of the company have different extension numbers but the primary phone number remains the same. In a corporate scenario, a call might be needed to be transferred from a client to various members of the company who are from different departments. From a single person on the other end, to multiple people on the receiving end, the PBX system allows sharing of resources in a much efficient way unlike normal telephones.


Using a system like this for communication in offices not only simplifies communication but can cost a lot cheaper. Imagine free calls within the office, with no time limit. The work in the office will become more time efficient and thanks to the EPABX system this is now possible. Every department of an organization can make free calls to other departments in the company which is a great money saver instead of using normal telephones. The PBX phones now come with an array of features which makes work easier. Caller ID phones display the numbers of those who have called. When the office is closed for vacation or the weekend, all the missed calls can be found in the phones display, each displaying the time of call and every phone number from which the calls have come. A voice mail can also be set up so that people can leave messages if it is really important when there is no one to attend the call. Least cost routing analyses the different costs of charges and makes call routing and other services more cost effective. Alarms and reminders can also be set in today’s phones with PBX and EPABX systems. With a telecommunication system like this there is no stopping a company from taking off to greater heights since the communication factor is greatly enhanced and every operation becomes more clear and easy. There are several phone models which support these systems and one can find options online. is a leading online shopping portal only for offices, companies and organizations etc. We deals in all type of office equipments like Paper shredders, Power tools, epabx, currency counting machine, Printer, cctv camera, testing instruments etc in all over India.

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