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Drawing Academy Reveals Traditional Drawing Techniques

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The Drawing Academy has launched a new online resource dedicated to the classical drawing techniques. “How to Draw” video lessons for art students and enthusiasts wishing and willing to learn classical drawing techniques in the best traditions of the Old Masters and to improve their drawing skills presents by The Academy.

London, UK.

A new Drawing Course exclusively created for the fine art education market has been launched after more than two years of course development and preparation. The Drawing Academy is created to help people acquire essential fine art knowledge and improve their drawing skills.

Founders of the Drawing Academy, Vladimir London and Natalie Richy, created the drawing course to give students around the world with high-quality drawing video lessons and other fine art educational resources.

Natalie and Vladimir explained why it was needed: "There is a huge number of websites and YouTube videos on the ‘how to draw’ topic. The mainstream of those videos, yet, are amateurish and have little to do with a professional fine art education. It is harder than ever to find high-quality professional drawing video lessons, with a continuously growing number of such Internet content. For those fine art students wishing and willing to learn classical drawing techniques, we have created a complete Drawing Course, named the Drawing Academy. We based this course on the most excellent traditions of the Old Masters.

“The Drawing Academy is delivered over the period of three months and in 45 high-definition video lessons that present all major subjects that a fine art student must know to become a proficient and skillful craftsman. Drawing materials and equipment, providing information and examples on the golden proportions and composition rules, explaining in-detail the theory of the one-, two-, three-, and four-point perspective as well as aerial or atmospheric perspective. These are the lessons and topics covered by the Drawing Academy. The lessons present a step-by-step process of the traditional drawing approach, which can be applied to drawing objects, portraits, the human body, animals, nature, landscapes, cityscapes and everything a fine artist can see, imagine or visualize.

“The Drawing Academy covers thoroughly such an important subject for figurative fine artists as the human anatomy plus many video lessons dedicated to the skeletal anatomy and all major bones and muscles in the human body. Additionally, the Drawing Academy course presents a variety of drawing media and techniques including drawing in graphite pencil, silverpoint, charcoal, red chalks, coloured pencils, black and brown ink, and watercolour.

“We all know it’s not easy to find a skillful art teacher who is proficient, expert in teaching and is also a professional fine artist. Even teachers in the topmost art schools are not able to personally demonstrate the skills of drawing by making artwork in front of students from beginning to end. That is the reason why we have developed such a comprehensive drawing course where students can watch the “how to draw step-by-step” through the use of classical drawing techniques that follow the traditions of the Old Masters."

The Drawing Academy was founded by Vladimir London and Natalie Richy , so that anyone who's interested in traditional drawing techniques may subscribe for the drawing course and learn traditional techniques in the comfort of their homes.

The educational process is extremely flexible, user-friendly, simple and easy to follow. Learning by watching videos is as good as sitting next to the fine art instructor, observing every single step of the drawing process and listening to the detailed explanation. Such an "old" way of instruction by practical example is almost non-existent at modern art colleges. Normal educational art institutions practice an "express yourself" teaching approach, neglecting delivery of a deep foundation of classical drawing skill sets – traditional drawing techniques.

The Drawing Academy is the one-stop destination for anyone wishing and willing to learn the traditional drawing techniques. By using this site, artists can instantly get a handle on what they need to know to master the great skills of the Old Masters.

The students who used the site before commented up on how useful the video lessons were and how simple and easy it was to follow the course content. The website has all of the relevant information in one place without compromising quality and features.

To find out more about one of the Internet’s top “How to draw” video courses, please visit



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