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How to Plan Silk Road Tour in China by Train?

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When   you are reading this article, I dare to guess that you are also one of   those travelers who show great interests on the Silk Road and want to   take a travel there to explore more about it in China. Am I right?   Besides, you may also want to discover the Silk Road in your budget tour   as it will spend some days for you for your China Silk Tour. If so, you   may wonder if there any budget way to have a travel there and can   experience the beautiful scenery of the Silk Road? Here, do not worry it   any more, as there is really a wonderful itinerary for you to have a  travel to China to discover the amazing Silk Road. Let’s see it right now!


This is a 9-day China Silk Road tour by train you may like it:




For your first day of course you will   arrive in Lanzhou to have a good rest upon your arrival there; in your   day 2 your itinerary will continue with the sightseeing of Liujia Gorge,   Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves and Jiayuguan Pass and your overnight   train to Jiayuguan to keep your tour going on by the city tour in   Jiayuguan and later drive to Dunhuang (one of famous travel city for top China tours) in the third day; and you will get   the chance to see the Mogao Grottoes to appreciate the charm of   Dunhuang Caves art in 4th day and take an overnight train again to   Turpan later that day; upon your arrival in Turpan in day 5, you will   see the Gaochang Ancient City and Astana-Karakhoja Ancient Tombs and   continue to drive to Urumqi later that day for the sightseeing of   Tianchi Lake at your 6th day in China; you will then take a fight to   Kashgar from Urumqi at day 7 to visit the Kashgar Grand Bazaar and local   family there; then your 8th day itinerary continues with your ?stop to   Abakh Khoja Tomb, Moer Buddha Tower, and Id Kah Mosque including your   flight back to Urumqi to depart Urumqi at day 9 to get an end to your   fantastic China Tour with train to discover the silk road (famous travel route for China vacation deals).

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