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Improve Your Investment’s Potential With An Accurate Apprais

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During a long term property investment, you may find that market conditions shift on a regular basis. Depending on the type of property that you own or are interested in purchasing, a variety of factors can contribute to it’s valuation, many of them changing on a daily basis. If you are interested in buying or selling commercial real estate, the first step is to obtain a proper assessment of the property’s value.

You never want to sell your property for less than it’s worth, or buy it for more than the market price, but that can very easily happen without an accurate appraisal. The difference between a winning investment and a disaster can often be the purchase or sale value, which means that working with a professional to determine that value is incredibly important. When you need to get a valuation for a property, using Irish Appraisal Service is a must.

We are the leading professional appraisal service on the West Coast, having offered our comprehensive appraisal services to a variety of businesses over the years. Our expertise will help you correctly value your property, whether you’re interested in buying, selling, or need a current valuation for tax purposes. We have a range of expertise, and keep up-to-date on all market trends, which allows us to function as an appraiser for everything from apartment buildings to golf courses. We also act as a leading land appraiser, helping you get the best price for a piece of unused property.

Our purchase and sale assessments and land appraisals can be used during your next transaction, but we offer much more than that. We can also support you with an assessment appeal, or trust valuation as well, and in the event of a lawsuit we can provide litigation support. Our professional team will discreetly help you place an accurate value on a property before making an offer, so that you don’t overpay for a property or get stuck in a long negotiation due to an improper offering price.

Our professional staff has performed thousands of appraisals across the United States, from a small land appraisal to a large, complex apartment assessment. We work across the West Coast, including California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

If you are interested in working with our team of professionals during your next property purchase or sale, or require one of our other services, then contact us today at

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