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How Indianapolis Adoption Centers Help Mitigate the Adoption

by shandrarota

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Watching shows centered on teens may give one the idea that being a teenager is merely about going to parties and hanging out with friends in popular Indy spots like the Castleton Square Mall. While this may be true for some teenagers, there are some who instantly gain passage to adulthood. This happens when they unexpectedly become pregnant and decide to embrace parenthood.

However, not every teen is ready for parenthood. If you can relate to this situation, there are trustworthy Indianapolis adoption centers that can guide you through the adoption process to secure a great future for your child. Adoption falls under two main categories: closed adoption and open adoption.

Closed Adoption

Here, the entire process is kept private and the records are sealed. Thus, the birth parents won’t know who the adoptive parents will be, and under the terms of agreement, they are not allowed to be involved in their child’s life in any way. In most cases, the child’s birth certificate may be altered to include the adoption details.

Open Adoption

Here, both the birth parents and the adoptive parents are allowed to interact throughout the entire process, although it is still the reputable Indianapolis adoption facility that takes the lead to ensure that everything is set. The birth parents can maintain communication with the adoptive parents even after they have surrendered their child. They can get in touch with each other through e-mail, letters, and telephone calls; they can also pay a visit to the child’s new home.

Weighing Your Options

Each option has a different set of advantages, and a counselor will serve as your guide so you can decide what’s ideal for your situation. A closed adoption allows you to keep your pregnancy a secret and start off with a clean slate. An open adoption gives you peace of mind as you are partly involved in securing a great future for your child.

The adoption process is a simple one as long as you have your child’s best interests in mind. Whatever type of adoption you decide to go with, a good adoption counselor will be with you every step of the way. For more information, visit

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