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Car vinyl wraps.. the next thing that is here to stay!

by cwsupplier

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Carbon fiber, chrome, matte, gloss… Porsche, Audi, Cadillac, Ford, VW, Honda… What do they have in common? They are all being wrapped with vinyl wrap from

There’s no painting not a can of paint or paint gun anywhere. The cars are being wrapped in big sheets of vinyl wrap by professionals. At a garage in the suburbs you see a couple of friends changing the color of a customized Honda from red to flat matte with a carbon fiber engine hood. All done with car vinyl wrap from CWS.

Commercial vehicles wrapped in vinyl are common. There is a boom in private cars getting wrapped in vinyl wraps. No splashy graphics, logos or wild designs here. Just color from vinyl wraps. And this is not just for one niche segment of the auto enthusiast world. From used to brand new cars from cheap to expensive sports cars, everyone loves their vinyl car wraps. Why wouldn’t anyone love it?

The finish will be flawless and you don’t have to worry about a bad paint job, running paint or incorrect wet-sanding. Also you can get looks that is impossible to get with painting or would be too expensive and labour intensive such as Chrome finishes. You can also get your car wrapped with different vinyl wraps for different sections. You can mix a carbon fiber wrapped hood and rear spoiler with a matt black car wrap for the rest of the car. You can just wrap the top of the car with a gloss black vinyl wrap to make it look like you got the glass top option!

Car vinyl wraps also serve as a protection for your paint. Vinyl wraps can be removed without any damage to your original manufacturer’s paint, thereby saving the car’s value for resale or when you have to give it back to your dealer. All the scratches and stone chips will meet the resistance of your vinyl wrap. The vinyl is sturdy and thick enough to weather the weather and small stones that would otherwise give you grief.

A customer wanted to get a green Porsche, but guess what, he would of have had to wait over a year to get it. So, he contacted and ordered a matt green vinyl wrap then purchased a silver Porsche, got it wrapped. He got his wrap from CWS in less than 5 days and a professional vinyl installer wrapped his car and he was driving a green Porsche in a week! Not many people like green cars, so he made a very vise choice by buying the most popular color car that when he wants to resell he just need to remove the vinyl car wrap and put it up for sale as a silver spotless used Porsche, retaining thousands of dollars in value for having a perfect paint on the car.

Like many things in the automotive word, vinyl has been a fixture in the racing world. NASCAR does vinyl wraps to allow for quick sponsor and logo changes.

Cars in the some sports car series are also wrapped, so that they can be sold with the original manufacturer’s paint when their time is up racing.

Wrapping has been very popular overseas for some time now, but it’s just now taking off in North America.

The big thing is that wrapping doesn’t stop at cars! You can wrap anything that has a smooth surface you can stick the vinyl wrap to. Imagine doing your jet ski in carbon fiber wrap, or your fridge in chrome, add some snake skin or brushed metal to your speed bike or Harley… the options and applications are endless. Lots of people wrap their laptops and the back of their smart phones.

Vinyl wrap is all about customization… you might have to buy the limited colours available from the manufacturer but you can have it your way with CWS vinyl wraps!

If you are thinking of getting started in the customization business or detailing, or you are already doing it; vinyl car wraps are an easy and very cost effective business opportunity. All you need is a clean garage, some good cleaning agent, a heat gun, a squeegee and a few more inexpensive tools. When you buy your material from you also save hundreds to a thousand dollars on the material cost. 3M and Avery is very good but very expensive! CWS has the car wrap vinyls that come closest to their quality with air channels and the same guarantee. CWS has a huge selection from carbon fiber wraps to chrome to snake skin vinyls.

The investment is next to nothing, you just need patience and a good hand.

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