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Motorcycle Accessories For Better Riding Experience

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Motorcycle accessories and gear that provides comfort and total protection to enhance your driving experience. But most of us, especially those new to motorcycling, buy every accessory they see and assume that they need it for riding. There are lots of things to consider getting the best accessories such as manufacturer brand, material item, size, style, etc. Let’s take a closer look at some items you should have:


Helmets are a must -have for riding, not an option. Riding motorcycles is an exhilaration experience, especially if you're the type of rider that likes to run the freeway at 200 + mph. With it, you will always be exposed to certain injuries that can make riding dangerous, such as strong wind, dust and course of crash risk and suffer serious head injury.

Head injury from motorcycle accidents can be very dangerous and if you do not want to suffer long-term damage, you better wear the right helmet for your trip and head type.

Whether you're a daily rider who takes scooter to work or weekend riding with your guys with your big bike landscape, dirt -bike hobbyist, or a sports bike fan, you should always take a helmet with you as your ride your motorcycle.

There are motorcycles specifically designed for certain types of services;

Full Face Helmet

This type of helmet covering the whole head of the wearer with the rear that converts the base of the skull and a good part , which protects the chin. This type of helmet usually includes a clear or tinted transparent plastic or face shield known as the visor. Visor generally rotated up and down to activate face access.

This helmet is common among sports - bike riders, such as ninja bikes, since its primary purpose is its protective function. But other bikers hate to use this type of helmet, as it gives them a sense of isolation, increased heat, lack of wind, and reduced hearing. However, many studies show that full -face type provides the most protection for motorcyclists.

Off-road/Motor-cross type

This type of helmet has more elongated chin and visor position than the full -faced type, and has a partially open space to give the rider extra protection while wearing goggles an opportunity for a more airflow. The visor of the helmet gives the rider to dip his head, providing extra protection against harmful flying debris present in dirt - biking.

Modular or flip-up

This type is generally referred to as hybrid type, as it can be converted from a full-face to the open face type. When closed, this type is similar to full -faced helmet that offers the same protection. When opened, it can be seen as an open face type, just outside visor.

Open face or 3/4 helmet

Front face or three-quarters helmet covers the back of the head, ears and cheeks, but lacks the protection of the lower chin. Other designs offer snap-on visor to minimize glare from sunlight. This type of helmet protects the back of the head, but does not protect the entire face, especially the lower chin even in non - crash events.

Most common complaint about this type is that, dirt, bugs and wind can easily access to the face and cause discomfort for the rider.

Half- helmet

Also known as “Shorty” in the United States, and “pudding basin “in the UK. This kind of popular with bikers and road racers during the 1960s in the British Isles. Now this type is common among large cyclists. However, this type does not protect the total protection that can be really dangerous in fast riding.


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