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What is a Tempurpedic Bed?

by alvisdsouza774

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And can I get one in Lafayette?

You certainly can buy a Tempurpedic bed in Lafayette, LA, but you’re likely to be uncertain when you see the price tags. Tempurpedic mattresses are made of some of the most high tech mattress materials and they are highly engineered to be extremely comfortable. Is it worth while to buy a Tempurpedic mattress? That just depends on whether or not you want to get the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ve ever had. It might help to understand just how Tempurpedic mattresses are different from other mattresses and how you’ll be getting what you paid for if you buy a Tempurpedic mattress in Lafayette.

Technology - For a Mattress?

If you think of mattress technology you probably think about electronic beds that can raise or lower depending on whether you’re sleeping or reading or watching TV in bed. Tempurpedic mattresses are not electronic. In fact, the “technology” of Tempurpedic beds has to do with the material used to make the mattress itself. The layer that you sleep on is made of memory foam, something commonly used today in the top-of-the-line mattresses made around the world. Tempurpedic is the name of the company that made memory foam mattresses famous.

Memory foam itself was designed by NASA for astronauts. It was not used to make mattresses at first, instead it was used in the seats that astronauts are strapped into during take-off and landing of the space shuttles. NASA wanted to create a material that would minimize the pressure and damage done during these very fast increases and decreases in speed. Because NASA is funded by the government and tax payers, the technology - in other words, memory foam - couldn’t be kept away from the public. Instead, many companies, including Tempurpedic, saw an opportunity to make a lot of produces with memory foam, including mattresses.

The miracle of memory foam is that it reacts to the warmth of your body temperature. When it is warmed up by the pressure of your hand, the material compresses. So when you lie down on your side, where you exert the most pressure, at the hip, shoulder, ankles, and head, a Tempurpedic mattress will compress. At the places where you don’t exert pressure, such as your neck, waist, and legs, the mattress will remain firm and supportive. It’s this seemingly magical combination that makes memory foam mattresses the most comfortable mattress type in the world.

Here in Lafayette, you can certainly benefit from a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress. If you’re someone who tosses and turns, never able to feel completely comfortable, you’ll be shocked at the difference a good mattress can make. So is it worth the investment to buy a Tempurpedic mattress in Lafayette? People who buy them will say that they do not regret their purchase and they sleep better than they ever have before.

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