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So you want to make your tiling something unique and spectacular. Mosaics can give your tiling that distinctive lift.

What are mosaics? Glad you asked!

As many people know, mosaics are images made from small pieces of coloured ceramics, glass, stone or similar materials.

In their original form, mosaics were combinations of small coloured stones that were used to tile ancient squares, streets, yards, gardens, villas and arcades.

A time-honoured and timeless form of art dating back to 3500BC, the Ancient Romans and Greeks were huge on them and mosaics as a style really came into their own in the early AD years.

Mosaics are durable, spectacular and highly flexible.

Because of their size, mosaic tiles can be applied to undulating and curved surfaces – they’ll work on almost anything from interior walls to pool floors and steps.

Think of the possibilities, either using mosaic tiles as a highlight, in geometric patterns or as a centrepiece of a design.

Artists who work in the field of mosaics are known as mosaicists.

The good news is that thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, any competent DIY tiler can be a mosaicist.

This is because today’s mosaic tiles are not only produced individually but in sheets. These can be cut to size to make working in this form relatively easy.

Beaumont Tiles has a broad range of mosaic tiles. From glass to natural stones, metal or glass…there’s a lot to choose from.

Two of the hottest trends in Australia are Hexagonal and Penny Round mosaic tiles.

Both feature tiles that are small in size but supplied in sheets, giving the appearance of an intricate design without requiring detailed handiwork.

Many of the mosaics in our range come in matte or gloss finish.

Some are available in slip resistant finish as well - so they work perfectly in places like bathrooms.