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Care recommended for Arthritic Patient

by mike460

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Arthritis is condition which causes joint disorder and develops inflammation in one or more joint. The pain is beyond imagination and even becomes worse during cold seasons. Diabetic patients are also susceptible this condition. In old age it even worsens if proper care is not taken. In this article we will list down preventive measure that will help in making your condition better,

Control weight: Arthritis is a joint problem and being overweight doesn’t improve your condition. Your legs are the body parts that balance your body weight. Being overweight exerts more and more pressure on your leg and feet which indirectly leads to more pain. At times it even leads to deformity. Among the people who suffer from arthritis a major percentage is of obese people. This indicates that not only it worsens the condition but could also be cause behind your arthritis.

So if you are an overweight person or suffer from obesity, bring it down.

Arthritic shoes: Arthritic patients are vulnerable to foot deformities. Due to ill fitted shoes, high heels the body weight is not evenly distributed. Well you would say then why do people wear heels?

For normal people it’s easy for them to carry them but for an arthritic patient they exert pressure on joints and thus cause inflammation. Arthritic shoes on the other are well fitted shoes and evenly distributes your weight across your feet in an even manner.

Proper diet: Diet which is balanced and helps the bones in recovering their strength is recommended. Joint pains are something that you are already suffering from but weak bones would be even worse. Also start taking supplements which will help you in absorbing calcium and minerals. Your diet should consist of every nutrient in your plate but make sure diet doesn’t lead to weight gain. Have less of junk food and fried items which are the main source of fat causing weight increase.

Regular exercise and meditation: In this case we would recommend that consult a physiotherapist. Under his supervision learn exercises and yoga asana which is beneficial for you in this condition. The need of physiotherapist arises so that could learn exercises that are advisable for arthritis patient and you don’t randomly do exercise on your own which could have lead to bone damage.

Control on sugar level: Arthritic patients if suffer from high sugar could lead to diabetes which will be a not so favorable condition. Diabetes causes nerve damage which could lead to foot ailments and injury. This doesn’t ends here, the worst part is that you may never know that you have an injury and can lead to infections. So better keep your sugar levels in control.

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