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A proper fall protection while working on roofs

by anchorsafesystems

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Every homeowner should always be cautious if they live in a location that experiences extreme weather conditions or if the house structure is more than ten years old. A good looking house is always takes for granted but when a simple problem occurs such as a leaking roof that can make a homeowner's life miserable. And in order to avoid the severe damage on your house structure that can be caused by extensive roof leaks, it's smart to stay on the lookout for signs that your roof needs replacement or repairs.

There are several advantages in planning ahead to replace your roofing rather than waiting until the leaking becomes so bad that can ruin your entire house. Naturally, the leaks would take place during the middle of the rainy season. And inclement weather is the one factor that will slow a roofing job considerably. For some homeowners, it is quite a simple problem but if you have a big doubt on whether you can safely perform the roof repairs, you may contact a professional roofer. You can also ask your contractor what steps you can take to help them complete the job easily. After all, roofing accidents can be deadly without the proper height safety system.

First, you need to make sure that you cleared your driveway and removed all items directly surrounding your home to protect them from falling debris. Roofers can also be injured as a result of objects falling on them from above. When work at height is carried out, it is essential that workers are provided with proper waste chutes as well as a safe means of transporting materials from the ground to the roof and vice versa. In such cases, they must also be provided with personal protective equipment such as safety boots and hard hats.

Depending on the type of job being performed, roofers may also be required to lift, move or transport heavy supplies, tools and equipments to and from the roof. Manual handling and heavy lifting tasks can be hazardous and if they are not performed correctly, they can cause accidents and injuries. If you are required to perform such tasks, it is essential that you are fully trained and provided with roof walkways or guardrails for added assistance.

And of course, there are also some other dangers faced by workers in the roofing industry. Roofing jobs usually require the workers to make use of blowlamps, compressed gas, bitumen or blowtorches. All these things can cause burn and scald injuries if workers are not adequately trained on how to use them safely. In addition, burn injuries and scalds can also be sustained if workers do not have appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety gloves, harnesses, roof anchors, protective glasses, long sleeve clothing, long trousers and protective boots.

Any person who is required to work at heightened facility must be adequately trained. Roofing maintenance and repair is a high risk job that simply means that roofers are at an increased risk of being injured or killed while working. Falls from heights is the greatest risk faced by people working in the roofing industry. And falls from heights can prevent serious injuries and fatalities by having a proper fall protection.

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