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Sliding Your Baby Off the Boat Trailer Rollers: A Guide to B

by delenamillener

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Transporting boats between marinas or taking them out from the water for storage or repair is made all the easier by towing them with a boat trailer. Boat trailers are wheeled frames that are built strong and large enough to carry boat vessels from one place to another. All you need is to attach the trailer onto a car and haul the boat on the trailer bed.

Although trailers are pretty convenient as they are, the deed seems easier said than done. When you're out there in the marina, about to launch your boat into the open waters, it looks easy as you walk towards your boat but would get harder along every step of the way. That's because even with good boat trailer rollers, winches, axles, and other accessories, a little slip could be a disastrous mistake for you, not to mention, an entertaining sight for onlookers.

Good boat trailer wheels should make check-ups less of a hassle, but it's always best to prep everything and check the wheels as you would your supplies that you'll take with you. To find out if you have the right wheels on your trailer, you could check the VIN Tag for the right size, and see if the wheels fit perfectly in their places. .

When you get to the marina, check if the car and boat would fit through the slipway, and if it's not too steep for your car. You should also check the tides and find the right time for launching or recovering. Before you plunge the trailer wheels into the water, give the wheels some time to cool down first.

While at the water ramp, take off the latches and straps on the boat and get the lines and your gear at the ready. Then slowly guide the boat off the trailer, but don't let go of the ropes so it wouldn't drift too far. The rollers on the boat will help it slide off the trailer without its hull getting nasty scratches.

A trip down the bay is a rewarding experience, but it only takes a little mistake for the rest of your day to get ruined. Remember to be careful when launching or recovering your boat—and watch out for Instagrammers and Youtubers at the ready to upload your embarrassing slips. To know more about launching and recovering, feel free to visit

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