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About IAAS - Infrastructure as a Service

by kalpeshkumar

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IAAS which stands for Infrastructure As A Service is a basic model of cloud systems. In the cloud systems, there are many models called SAAS, PAAS, IAAS etc. Each has its own set of advantage. Unlike other models, in the IAAS, the cloud provider would offer the infrastructure to the clients on their demand. If the software is offered, it is called SAAS and platform in the PAAS. In these days of recession, the demand for cost effective procedures has increased. As a result IAAS has gained importance.

What is offered in Infrastructure As A Service

Being the IAAS, a part of cloud system, something is to be shared in common. Here, the Infrastructure is shared in common. Infrastructure could mean any of the following

  • Physical computer systems
  • Some virtual machines
  • Disk image library
  • Block based storage
  • File based storage
  • Firewalls
  • The load balancers
  • VLANs i.e., Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Bundles of software
  • IP Addresses etc

The client can access some or more of the above infrastructure based on his requirement.

What are the criteria for charging?

The company or individual offering the infrastructure would usually charge an amount for offering the service. The price criteria may be based on the number of machines or the extent of infrastructure used.

If the price is determined according to the number of number of machines used, there would be typically no limit on the extent of use. This would benefit the users who have huge requirement of storage, systems etc for long hours and greater extent.

If the customer has a little extent of use of the resources, he can opt for the usage based pricing. This could be highly cost effective for the customer and could save a lot to the customers.


These IAAS services are ideal for the freelancers and the small business groups because they can’t invest huge amounts on the infrastructure in the initial periods. This would reduce their risk as well as the cost. So, the demand for the IAAS is increasing rapidly.

Even the large companies are planning to shift towards these strategies in certain regions because; this mode is capable of lowering the expenses greatly in the short term. The IAAS providers are also offering highest quality of services at par with the world class IT companies. So, this is attracting huge number of individuals and companies.

There are many aspects to be considered before shifting to this mode. Choosing a reliable and reputable company is must because if the information in your account gets stolen, it would matter a lot for you. So, choose a best company in the industry with highest quality.

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