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Cubic zirconia jewelry: Pay much less for the same brillianc

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Diamonds have for centuries been regarded as the ultimate gemstones and this is still the case in the modern day. The high value attached to these gems has ensured that owning them is the preserve of the high and mighty in society. Mother Nature, coupled with today’s technology is however kind enough to provide cubic zirconia – a mineral with a very noticeable similarity to diamonds. Discovered in 1937, cubic zirconia was set to become the affordable version of a diamond. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be – deposits of this mineral were very hard to come by, so a consistent supply to facilitate jewelry production couldn’t be realized. A solution arrived in the 1970s when Russian scientists managed to produce a manmade version of cubic zirconia by combining yttrium oxide and zirconium oxide. Brilliant diamond-lookalike crystals could now be mass-produced and used to make affordable jewelry.


Soon thereafter, just about everyone could buy cubic zirconia earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other forms of jewelry. Many a young and eager bachelor managed to win the heart of his beloved by slipping a cubic zirconia engagement ring on her finger. The glitter of cubic zirconia stones continues to draw people to the stores today because for many they offer a more affordable way to experience the glamour that comes with wearing real diamonds.


Why go for cubic zirconia jewelry, apart from the affordable price? For starters, unlike real diamonds, for which imperfections like cracks and hairlines are typical, manmade cubic zirconia stones are virtually flawless. You can therefore expect your cubic zirconia engagement ring to look nothing but exquisite and your celestial hoop cubic zirconia earrings to look nothing but heavenly. The manner in which these stones shine when light passes through them is simply breathtaking, even better than the effect achieved with natural diamonds because all the colors of the rainbow are brilliantly dispersed. Another reason making the case for cubic zirconia earrings and other articles of jewelry is that these man-made gems are available in just about any color. Buying sparkly accessories to match every dress is thus a pipe dream no more. With regards to cubiczirconia engagement ring issues, ladies everywhere will be glad to know that celebrity-inspired designs are widely available in many online jewelry stores. Now ladies can feel even more stunning and glamorous by flaunting a ring just like Natalie Portman’s or Reese Witherspoon’s, plus matching cubic zirconia earrings to complete the look.


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