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Website Promotion Company in Delhi, Website Designing Delhi

by vipinbisht

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Welcome to Lcs Infotech

LCS® Infotech is a Professional Web Design & Development Company based in New Delhi, India. Our aim is to combine quality web design with offshore development in order to provide online solutions for companies of all sizes. We develop any website with confidence so that we can assist you by providing best solution for your all complex problems. As we easily recognize the challenges that a small startup companies can experience and put in place a number of solutions to help them. We have a number of modules, integrations and supporting services that assist online retailers ensure efficient operation of their businesses on all levels. Our skilled and qualified development team has the expertise and experience of designing and developing different kinds of websites.

Google Adsense

It is an application of Google which was launched in 2003, and is based on cost per click program. It is an advertising program through which you can sell a space of your website where other sites can place their advertisements. However, Google will first check if the advertisement is connected to your website content. This service is free of cost and you can also earn money if anyone clicks on an ad placed in your site. For example, when we visit a site, for example Facebook, we see various ads of homeshop 18 or Flipkart products. If we click on that advertisement then Facebook will earn money for every click. It is a popular marketing tool which benefits both the website owners, who sell their website space for advertisement and receive money for every click on that website, and also those website owners whose products or services have been advertised, as their products will get promoted.  Google earn lots of revenue with this application. It is not an easy task to earn money. In order to make this successful you must have enough traffic. If there are no visitors to your site then you can’t earn money. Check if the overall look of the ad suits your website. Sometimes you face problems such as Google does not accept your site for AdSence – for this you have to check page numbers or the spelling mistakes or content of your sites. For best Google AdSence service you can contact us. Our LCS Infotech team will provide you with the best services of GoogleAdSence, and our services are spread all over the regions of Delhi NCR including Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida and Faridabad.


Advantage of Google AdSence: When you have developed your website it means you have invested a large amount of money. This is an application by which you can earn money through Google. As the other sites ad has been placed in your site, when ever anyone clicks on that advertisement you will earn money. There are lots of advantages of using Google AdSence:


Earn Money: The most prominent advantage is that it provides a platform to the website owners for earning money. The amount which will be earned depend on the money that an advertising company can pay and the popularity of your site, which depends on how many people will visit your site and how many will click on those advertisements.

Relevant content: Google does not attach the ads blindly to any site. First, it analyzes if these sites are relevant to the ads posted. Moreover, as these ads are content based it automatically provides content related to your site.

Easy to use: It is the simplest and easiest way to earn money. If you want to earn money just create an account on AdSence by Google. This is not a time consuming work, and it is also free of cost.

Control: You have full control of your website contents and ads. According to your requirement you can eliminate any ad from your website.

Multiple formats for ads: It is available in multiple formats, such as Text, Image, Videos and rich media, and this helps in presenting an ad in an effective format.

Contact info :-


T6 Anupam Plaza, 3rd Floor, IIT Crossing 
Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas 
New Delhi-110 016 INDIA 
Tel:- +91-11-26967000


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