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Added Safety for Millions of Travelers

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InFlight Labs, LLC announced today they will introduce a new proprietary product –SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications– which is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2013.


The SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications consists of a custom-engineered software application, which will provide next generation audio/video communications for routine flight attendant-to-pilot communication and flight attendant-to-air traffic control during in flight emergencies via iPads and discreet iPhone /Smart devices throughout the air craft and to the ground over aircraft Wi-Fi systems.


With SkyBridge™InFlight Video Communications, flight attendants, pilots and air traffic controllers can participate in face-to-face communications for the first time in the history of aviation, adding a new dimension of safety, security and advancement for the flight deck, cabin crew and passengers.


SkyBridge™ includesInFlight Lab’s InFlight 911emergencytechnologies, which is a “One Touch” GPS-based 911 alert to 100 "+" government such as FAA, FBI, CIA, TSA and emergency personnel within seconds of a crisis. Immediately following the GPS-based message,2-wayaudio/video communication, and advanced speech-to-text messaging (2,000 characters per text)are established between the aircraft and key authorities over the SkyBridge™ InFlight Video interface. All SkyBridge™ Emergency Communications activity is recorded and time-stamped, ensuring accountability.


"An innovation like SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications is long overdue for flight attendants; they are the first responders for passengers, in flight medical emergencies and homeland security” –they need cutting edge technology for improved workplace safety, aircraft-wide security and real-time air-to-ground communication to get that job done efficiently” says Jay Bekanich, company Spokesperson.

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