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Keep An Eye On Artificial Pearl Jewelry

by anonymous

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With pearl jewelry becoming more and more popular, more and more people begin to wholesale pearl jewelry. But there is more and more artificial pearl jewelry in the market. The following is several methods that can keep you from buying artificial pearl jewelry.
First, touch. When you touch real pearl jewelry, you will feel the coolness. However, when you touch artificial pearl jewelry, you will not feel the coolness; instead you will feel the smoothness of it. Second, bite. If you bite real pearl jewelry, you will feel like bite something like sands or such like. But if you bite artificial pearl jewelry, you will not feel like this. Third, watch. When you watch real pearl jewelry, you will notice that the sizes and shapes of all pearls are not the same. In other word, there are not the same pearls in the world. But if you watch artificial pearl jewelry, you will notice the pearls are almost the same. This is because when people make pearls, they make the same so that pearl jewelry produced looks like prettier. Forth, magnify. If you watch real pearl jewelry with a magnifier, you will see there are lots of things which are left after calcium is crystallized, while you look artificial pearl jewelry this way, you will not see the same. Fifth, bounce. If you make real pearls bounce, they will bounce a lot higher than fake pearls. Sixth, burn. If you burn real pearl jewelry, you will notice that the surface of real pearls is good, and when you scrape it, you will get some pearl powder. When you burn artificial pearls, you will see fire appears on the surface of artificial pearls, and after you put them in the water, the surface will put down.

We really admire when someone wear a amazing pearl necklace. But if we buy artificial pearl jewelry, we will be really upset. Pearl jewelry is the real symbol of lasting love. But if you give your girlfriend a artificial pearl jewelry, what does she think about you when she knows it is fake? She will think you do not really love her, or the love you give her is not lasting. It really hurts, isn’t it? Just because pearl jewelry is artificial, you will be misunderstood. So next time, when you buy pearl jewelry, use the methods I have told you to choose real pearl jewelry.

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