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Hidden Cam Stories are Riveting

by spygadgetonline

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A little storyline at the starting:-

It was around four at midnight. I was in my bed. My stomach started aching. I realized that I was seriously hungry. So, I went down to the living room to make myself a cheese sandwich. To my surprise I saw my new tenant tampering with the articles in my scullery area. She saw me and got baffled. She said that she couldn't sleep and had come to the cooking area to have something. Ah ... I believe she can cook well. So, in my opinion she cooked up a lie there. The story continues at the last paragraph ...

Now it is time for some technicalities.

My father passed away last year. He left me this house along with some tenants in it (he rented it to these scrupulous embezzlers when he was alive). Now inherited the house and some pieces of troubles along with it. They say, good things come with a pack of miseries. However, I am what I am. A detective agent on inside and a marshmallow on the outside. So, it was time to teach these innocent (whatever) tenants a lesson. One thing was missing in this house was a good security system. Something that could keep an eye on the creepy affairs while I close my eyes (I doze off at daytime as well). So I ordered a hidden cam from the best video recording gadget store near my house. It was a powerful hidden cam that had superior resolution. Along with the regular features it had some extra power provisions. I felt delighted. There was an extra battery pack too. It was a complimentary gift I got from the darling store-owner (she was a damsel). She (luscious damsel) offered me the package at a meager price. When I was about to leave the store, she interrupted me with a coupon.

These Spy pen sellers are now holding a contest. I came to know from store owner that all the sellers in my town are offering free discount coupons on Spy pen packs. Wow! These sellers are awesome man.

The gadget that I bought came at a fairly affordable price. Along with it was waiting 2.4 GHz receiver. The transmitter had a power of 2.4 GHz too. So, this gadget had transmission range of 1,500 feet. So, the wireless range came to about 2500 feet.

Caution for embezzlers: You will pay back naughty fellows.

I asked for some suggestions from the spy shop owner on ways to trap the scrupulous beings in my house. She told me to keep the video recording gadget at a place from where it may look like an innocent and regular household object and not filming gadget. She said that dressing table is a good place for placing such a gadget. I got amazed with her detective skills. I thanked the spy shop owner for her cool suggestions.

Well, the very next day the gadget did its magic. It covertly captured some videos that had some embezzling activities of my dear innocent tenants. As soon as I saw the video, I called the cops.

Years have passed and my tenants are still looking for a good lawyer to bail themselves out from jail.

What can I say? Hail to the store owner (cute owner).

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