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Cubic Zirconia and Citrine jewelry - The Bridal jewelry wit

by fredamccormick

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The events that lead up to a wedding is memorable and exciting; and with each approaching day you rush around to set everything in place from selecting the venue to your wedding dress to the jewelry. And if there is something that comes next after saying the wedding vows, is looking your best.  Weddings are incomplete without the bridal jewelry, be it the wedding ring or a fine piece of necklace, selecting the right jewelry that will set you apart and make you remember the day is important.

 Bridal jewelry has come a long way from conventional designs. Gone are the days when the only preferred choice was a diamond on gold or silver. Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, yet designers at Lenya have come up with a subtle replacement that is not only beautiful and glamorous but budget friendly as well.

 While real diamond jewelry can never lose its charm, the phenomenon of citrine jewelry and Cubic Zirconia jewelry sets has taken over the market. Citrinegemstones otherwise known as the ‘sun stone’ is associated with wealth, beauty and integrity.  It is relatively a hard gem and mostly comes in the shade of bright yellow; however shades such as lemon yellow and amber brown are also available. It beautifully compliments white gold and sterling silver. Although citrines stones look regal in pendants or in rings, the choice is not limited. When set in bracelet or necklaces they look ethereal and noble and can be worn not only on your wedding but any other occasions. At times citrine Jewelry can be paired with stones, pearls or diamond accents to intensify the brilliance and dazzle.

 Cubic Zirconia wedding sets are also favored by many women.Beautifully crafted by designers with finesse and precision, these ornaments available at Lenya, reflect elegance and style.  The specialty of cubic zirconia jewelry is that each piece is unique and designed for modern brides.  These jewelry pieces are not overwhelming and therefore do not overshadow your natural beauty. The Cubic Zirconia wedding sets are generally rhodium plated or comes in sterling silver.

 Contrary to diamond ring, if you want to opt for something different and blue then a sapphire engagement ring is what you are looking for.  Sapphire symbolizes romantic love, commitment and truth; the blazing blue color lends an exclusive touch to the ornament. Sapphire engagement ring will impart a dash of color to the otherwise white outfit. Moreover, it is budget friendly and costs less than a diamond ring.

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