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Online Equity Trading in India

by anonymous

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Kassa is a member of National Stock Exchange of India ltd and other exchanges. Kassa Group is servicing its clients with the best carrying out capabilities and value added research, the unfailing integrity of Kassa has been known for last 15 years. The company’s senior management, along with its research team sits on the trading desk-every day. Online Equity Trading in India provides the state of the art transportation and telecommunication facilities to execute clients trades slickly in an increasingly complex markets. 

Online Equity Trading is a very easy way to participate multi trading in India . In this way Kassa Group is a big Deal in all Trading and Siddharth Shankar (Economist) Advisor to kassa India. First and for most open your account online and handled your account them self and managed by all kassa excustive in respective way smoothly it is big advantage of kassa .

Siddharth Shankar Always talk on all RBI Policy In India .He is a biggest Economist in India and also do analysis on advantage and disadvantage factor in Trading so I think that it is good for all customer who want to take trading in India.

We are working continuously to provide all our customers top class services. Online Trading facilitates BUY and SELL of Equities,Derivative , Currency & Commodities traded in respective exchange .It is just like trading on trading terminals .You can view your Order Book, Saudas Confirmed, Pending Saudas Etc.

Speed: You can now feel the real trading terminal and place an order on your own.
Control: You can be assured that you have in fact placed an order at the price you wanted to thereby giving you control over your own trades.


Steps for Online Trading :

1. We shall install the required software.
2. We shall allot the User ID and Password.

After registration, clients are required to install ODIN Trading Software.

Procedure for installation is provided in the menu, clients may follow the procedure and get connection setup.

Along with the procedure we are providing Odin Trading software Setup for setting up trading software.

To achieve best results we recommend the use of Windows 2000 Professional as Operating System with Service Pack 4 Installed.

Welcome to Kassa Online Trading Zone .This article is very simple way  to understand online equity trading  and any one can touch this trading and get a most benefit by easy way.

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