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A New Dining Experience in Paris

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Paris is a great place to enjoy gastronomic treats from a diverse collection of restaurants, cafés, and bistros. If you are in town one of the first things you should do to really enjoy this scenic city is to dine out and try new food that are undeniably French. Parisians are passionate foodies and that is why even new restaurants can get popular overnight just by the word of mouth advertising it gets from locals. It does not matter if the restaurant is in an unknown street. When the food is great or the dining experience is unforgettable, people in Paris will talk about it. This is the reason why you should stay right at the heart of the city, to get information like this out from the local dining grapevine. You can find out which new place is hot, perfect for your next dine out. Vacation apartments in Paris are all over town. Getting the perfect one for you is easy. Just select the best locations for you to live in the city (according to your preferred activities) and find a vacation apartment rental that you can rent in the area.

One of the most talked about new restaurants in Paris now is Table located inthe 12th arrondissement, along Rue de Prague. The name of the place is a fitting description of its interior concept which is basically a collection of tables of different sizes and styles. It is the perfect place for diners who go forgood food and fresh ingredients. Table is conveniently located near the Aligre fresh produce market so the restaurant’s menu capitalizes on its ease of access to fresh ingredients. Table has an uncomplicated menu inspired by the best ingredients France has to offer. The restaurant boasts of its black pork from Gascony, beef from Polmard’s, and morels from Jura. This shows the commitment of Table to the “from-the-land-to-the-plate” philosophy that truly makes this restaurant is truly one of a kind. The man behind this gastronomic paradise is Bruno Verjus, the owner and chef of Table.

The best place to eat in Paris is where the locals eat. You cannot know where these places are if you are staying in an isolated hotel room. Having your own luxury Paris vacation rentals can make all the difference. When you are living on your own, you gravitate towards the local life and authentic Parisian culture. So your dining choices will be influenced by Parisians, not by other tourists who are as clueless as you are.

You will soon discover restaurants like Table Ronde (translates to round table), a restaurant located in the Marais neighborhood. In here you will be dining with the Chef of your choicetogether with 16 other guests in a single table. This concept works because the setting is intimate and you get to eat the food prepared by your favorite Chef. You can easily dine with Chef Alexandre Gauthier now, Chef William Ledeuil next week, or Chef David Zuddas the week after next. A single restaurant can give you a different menu and a new experience as you come to the place week after week. The interior of the restaurant makes it hard for you to distinguish the division between the kitchen and the dining room which is what the owner, Nicolas Chatenier really wanted since the restaurant’s inception.

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