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Knowing more about virtual dedicated web hosting

by Earthlink1

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Whenever your website grows out of the facilities provided by the shared hosting provider the natural progression is to move towards virtual private servers or commonly known as the virtual dedicated servers. These servers utilize a specific kind of partitioning technology that creates various virtual servers out of a single main server. Every website that avails this service owns an entire server space. It means a server is allotted to them that are completely dedicated to that website only. Therefore the client can manage and control it according to his requirements. Here everything from storage space to an entire bandwidth is dedicated particularly to the concerned website.

Virtual dedicated server hosting offers a host of advantages to its users. Through this service your website has a complete control and access to an entire server. Therefore you can customize it according to your needs. You can install different software, add or update different technologies or change the configuration of the server. Moreover here your website remains secured from malpractices as other users don’t have access to your section. This is an important benefit from shared hosting option. Additionally this type of server ensures that your website is available majority of the time with the lowest downtimes as you own complete memory and bandwidth segment. If you own a large business house or deal with critical applications or security of information is your primary concern then these Virtual dedicated servers would suit you perfectly.

Another major problem with the business houses is mail management. If you are concerned over the security of your business emails then you can avail Microsoft exchange 2010 service mode. This Microsoft based system protects your mails from all kinds of outbound and inbound threats. It utilizes a powerful anti-spam and antivirus system such that you can be ensured that the mail received by your system is secure and safe. In addition to this the system offers users multiple benefits such as calendaring, contacts and document sharing which makes your mail management process simple and quick. Mail archiving facility is also provided in these systems such that you can index your emails and extract the message at any time.

If you are planning to upgrade your server to the virtual dedicated ones or want to avail exchange 2010 mail services you can search for such service providers on the internet and avail their facilities. Majority of such service providers offer different packages which can be selected according to your requirements. But before making your final choice regarding the service provider make sure that it is a reputable and experienced name in this field.

The author is an expert on web hosting services. In this article he explains the features of virtual dedicated server hosting and exchange 2010 hosting mode for mail management.

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