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Family Reunion

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Getting together with family members that have been apart for years can be a challenge, but the proper planning can make any family reunion a success. From sending out the invitations to actually attending the event, a lot goes into making sure this party goes on smoothly. Set up a realistic timeline for getting things done and accept help from other family members. Spend a few months putting work into the event and it will be an event to remember for years.

Planning a Family Reunion

When planning this event, get some input from the family first. As mentioned before in other articles posted here, see what times during the year will work best for their schedules. Give them some notice before the event, and don't wait too long to send out invitations. My Reunion 2 Go makes creating personalized postcards simple, so that the cards will come printed with all of the information. To avoid spending too much money, ask the guests to bring a dish to share or other items needed for the party, such as ice. Then, they will have enough food to go around and there will be less worrying about finding one food item that the whole group can agree on.

Finding Decorations

A large part of planning a family reunion is getting great decorations for the venue, as well as coming up with a good theme. My Reunion 2 Go is a one stop resource to get everything needed for the party from napkins to a banner. Have them custom printed with the name of the family, and create a fun atmosphere for the event. Those who want to give out some trinkets could choose items such as sunglasses or water bottles. Don't settle for pieces that don't match. Instead, get these all at one location and create a continuous theme. These are also lower in cost because they can be purchased in bulk, making it easy to get all of the needed items at a good price.

Creating Interesting Designs

My Reunion 2 Go has a design studio that can be used to create the perfect image to be printed on many products, like the shirts mentioned in an earlier article. While many don't have the artistic ability to draw something themselves, they may be able to find an image that they like. Many families have a favorite sports team, so having their logo printed could be fun. Also, some may want to create an interesting design using the letters of the family name. Ask family members about what they might like, and come up with a few options before choosing the best one.  Others who have put on a family reunion enjoy printing a family tree on things like banners, invitations and balloons.

Family Reunion T Shirts

Those who want to take an interesting group photo may want to consider getting matching shirts for the whole family. My Reunion 2 Go offers many different apparel styles that can have an image printed on the front or back. The shirts come in many different sizes and styles, and there are even sweaters available for the warmer months. Find different cuts for each gender, and sizes that better fit the younger members of the family. Think about having a family picture printed on the front, as well as the family name and the year. These can be taken home and will serve a lasting memory of when the entire family was able to get together.

Attending a Family Reunion

Once everything has been planned and the big day has arrived, stop stressing and take the time to really enjoy the event. Don't get involved with family drama, and get to know family members that aren't often around. Don't spend time in groups of family members that already spend a lot of time together. Branch out, and find out what others have been up to for the last few years. Enjoy all of the games that have been planned for the day, and don't worry about every detail of the party. Take some pictures, eat good food and make some great memories.

This is a fun day for the whole family to enjoy, and make sure that everybody pitches in to help clean up. Guests will bring back their mementos of the day, and better know the more spread out members of their family. To make sure that the day is a success, start to plan for the event pretty far in advance. Never forget to spend time enjoying the family reunion, or worrying about how well the event is going. Take a step back and enjoy everything in the moment.

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