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Albert Clark, remembers the ‘forgotten war’

by conornialle

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“It is like a vivid picture, said the 81-year-old, from Clydesdale Avenue, Romford, who served as a motor transport driver with the Royal Norfolk Regiment. “I remember digging out men, who were buried alive, I knew all of them, we were friends.” “Sometimes when I am walking I can still see some of the scenes in action.” Albert was 19, when he became one of the 100,000 British troops, who were sent to Korea as part of national service. Nothing could have prepared him for what he experienced. He recalls: “We had training in Norfolk, before being sent out, but it couldn’t prepare us. “There were about seven or 800 of us, and we were just like one big family, we didn’t understand what we were going out to.” There was no escaping for Albert. “I was on the supplies, he said. “I had a little truck and I was always with the sergeant and it was my job to just go back and forth to pick up food and supplies, “I used to see men getting blown up.” There was nothing to do other than to get on with it. “We all just got on with it, he said. “There wasn’t any counselling like today so we all just had to find our own way of coping.”


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