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tattoo guide on how to assemble tattoo kits

by jeassonlens

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Tattoos are in great demand and the art has become a profitable activity. A good artist has a high potential to start a career out of making tattoos. A good tattoo depends on the skill of the artist and the quality of the tattoo kit. If you happen to open your own studio, it is best to buy your equipment in bulk, because if you do not run out of stock you will be able to work efficiently.


A tattoo machine/equipment is a hand-held device generally used to create a tattoo, a permanent marking of the skin with indelible ink. Modern tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils to move an armature bar up and down.


Here is the starter tattoo guide on how to assemble tattoo kits


1.Connecting the Tips and tube
Remove the tube and the tip from their packaging and connect them using the adjustment tools(Hex Key)


2.Fix the tube onto the machine
Put on rubber glovers to maintain sanitation during assembly.
Insert the end of tube into the slot on the front of the tattoo machine,adjusting the screw to fix it in place


3.Inserting the needle
Insert the needle into the tube.Be careful not to touch the inside of the tube


4.Fixing the needle with a rubber band and grommet
Please several rubber bands around the tattoo machine's coils and over the needle's stem to stabilize the needle and hold it in place.Put the needle throught the plastic grommet on the machine and make sure it's securely in place.


5.Connecting the machine to the power supply
Connect the foot switch and clip cord to the power supply box.


6.Attaching the clip cord
Squzzed the clip cord's prongs together and attach the clip cord to the small holes in the back of the tattoo machine.It does not matter which of the leads of the clip cord is attached to which hole.


7.Testing the machine
Plug in the power supply and turn it on.Press the foot switch and gradually turn up the dial on the power supply until the tattoo needle freely moves up and down.To check,put your finger under the grommet.If the machine slows down when you do this,turn the power dial up until the machine can handle a little bit of resistance.


8.Preparing the Tattoo Ink
Choose your ink color and carefully pour some ink into the ink cup,located on the machine's holder.Once your have some ink in the ink cup,you may begin tattooing.


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