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How Facebook Marketing Can Save Your Business...and Help You

by jeassonlens

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Facebook marketing is quite possibly the quickest, creative, most effective marketing strategy businesses can use today.

And it's a marketing strategy that most small business owners royally screw up.

According to Michael Rogan, author of “Facebook Marketing That Doesn’t Suck,” that's because most Facebook marketing advice comes down to vague terms such as “engagement” or “authenticity.”

“I don't even know what being 'authentic' really means,” says Rogan. “But asking people to talk about themselves and give their opinions IS something most marketers can employ.”

“And it's something that works.”

Grab 'Em and Never Let Them Go

The secret to good Facebook marketing, according to Rogan, is to give your “fans” a place where they can feel special, important, worthy, knowledgeable, connected....and then sell 'em stuff to keep that feeling going.

“It's not enough to just get people 'like' your stuff. You've got to get them to do SOMETHING,” says Rogan. “Make 'em mad. Make 'em really happy. Just make sure they eventually get onto your email list.”


“It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing a video of Sarah Palin next to a decapitated turkey or a dissertation on Soviet history, always give some kind of directive to your readers to comment and get involved.”

“But, here’s the thing, if you ain’t gonna do it (post on Facebook) at least 1x a day, then you may not want to spend a ton of time doing it at all.”


“Considering the average Facebook user has an average of about 240 friends, asking your existing (personal) Facebook network to “like” your page can be the quickest way to boost that fan total, especially for a brand new page.”

“Here’s something you might not know. The more pages you like, the more people will see your profile picture and come into contact with your page.”


“You have to build your Fan Page and post regular, frequent content that gets people to answer insipid questions and offer their opinions on a variety of subjects.”

“For the most part, contests, and sweepstakes can be an excellent way to build up your fan base and spread the word about your product or service in no time.”


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