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Know Yourself with Dermatoglyphics Analysis

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Get familiar with dermatoglyphics analysis and how you can take advantage of Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test to help yourself or your child.


What is dermatoglyphics Analysis? Perhaps a few of you are not well aware of the term and have little clue as to what to make. The science actually comprises of brain science, genetics, psychology and behavioral science. After about five centuries of studies, observation of genetic medicine and the distribution of neurons on the amount, it has been found that fingerprints show different characteristics. Even twins did not have the same fingerprints and this indicates that each one of us is born with different talents and strengths as well as weaknesses. After years of observation, inductions, comparison and recording results, the Medical experts have come to the conclusion that fingerprints give accurate analysis of a person’s intelligence and his hidden potential.

Institutes like IVM shiksha make use of Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests to help individuals study their hidden potential. Parents use DMIT results to understand their child better and how they can help him move ahead in life, based on his potential. These tests help a lot in managing one’s career development as well as his emotions. The individual as well as those around him can understand his personality better and people can develop superior interpersonal relations. The person can now focus better on his career and increase concentration.

Everyone has their own unique way of learning.
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with IVM shiksha help different people realize the importance of these tests and take advantage of the results. It is often very challenging for the parents to understand their child and what they want exactly. Dermatoglyphics and the science behind can ease out these confusions and help steer him in the right direction, in terms of career and education. Otherwise, it may take years for the parents to understand the true potential of their child.

Take advantage of Dermatoglyphics Software and make use of the programs to get the results on what your finger prints have to say. The results can help improve parent-child communication and the relationship between them. It becomes easier for the parent to understand the character of the child. Study and documentation of millions of fingerprint samples reveals that the unique & scientific method developed, can help every individual in his education and career.

Take advantage of Dermatoglyphics brand like IVM shiksha and their programs to understand your child better. Guide him in whatever he is doing and actualize on his real potential. If he gets a better cognitive atmosphere and has improved relationship with his parents, the child will not only grow to be healthy but be a happy individual too. Bring about a wholesome development in your child and see what those ridges and patterns on the fingertips have to say.

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