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Specialties of Storage Area Network in IT Sector

by swethar

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Specialties of Storage Area Network in IT Sector

SAN is a particular type of LAN i.e. Local Area Network designed to deal data transfer in bulk. SAN is the acronym for Storage Area Network, which support for storing of data, its replication and retrieval on different types of business networks with the help of multiple disk arrays, high-end servers and interconnection technology of Fiber Channel. In addition, many experts related to IT sector have also called SAN as System Area Networks, which indicates big clusters of different types of high performance computer systems used to distribute processing applications, which need fast performance of the local network. On the other side, storage area networks are primarily responsible for activities related to data management.

Implementation of SANs

IT professionals implement Storage Area Network by using an effective technology referred as Fiber Channel. Fiber Channel refers to a proper set of communication standards recommended and developed by a leading organization named ANSI i.e. American National Standards Institute. Standards set by the managers of this leading institute will define a sophisticated as well as high-performance technology related to communication of data and give proper support to most of the data possessing very high speed of 2Gbps and more. Fiber Channel is perfectly suitable in the case of peer-to-peer or point-to-point configuration formed in between two different computer devices in fabric model. In addition, you should use Fiber Channel in ring type models popularly known as arbitrated loops.

Devices present on SAN mostly remained connected with one another with the help of a specially designed switch called as the Fiber Channel switch. Functions performed by this switch are almost identical to the functions of a switch installed over an Ethernet network. This is because; Fiber Channel switch acts as connecting point for computer systems or tablets. Moreover, since Fiber Channel is a switched technology, you can avail properly dedicated path between two systems present within the fabric model. In this way, all the computer systems can use entire frequency and bandwidth for a specified duration of communication process.

Benefits of Storage Area Networks

Help in Exist Own Network

Storage Area Network will help users with storage of devices to be existed on their own separate network and will allow their direct communication with the help of fastest possible media. SAN is capable to address bottlenecks of bandwidth associated commonly with server storage based on LAN and limitations related to their scalability available with different types of SCSI bus-based implementations.

Benefit of Backup Facility without Server

SAN helps the disk storage devices in copying of data directly into a particular type of backup device across various high-speed SAN links without bearing any kind of intervention from the server. Data remains present over the SAN, which implies that data transfer has not polluted the local area network and resources related to processing of server remained available to systems of clients.


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