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Adobe ColdFusion Roadmap: Tracking the Future Directions

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Adobe recently came up with a development roadmap for ColdFusion highlighting the two prime upcoming releases of the ColdFusion server, code named “Splendor” and “Dazzle”. Through these new releases, Adobe plans to render increased support for analytics, social media, mobile applications, video, responsive content across multiples screens, along with a host of other features. These new features are sure to enable organizations to streamline their work with the aid of custom solutions.

Let us have a look at some of the latest versions of ColdFusion which will give us a fair idea of the current status of the software and where it is heading in the future. This will for sure help you decide if you want to do the ColdFusion migration now or later.

A look at the ColdFusion Servers
Adobe has charted out a detailed outline of Dazzle and Splendor, the two anticipated releases of the ColdFusion server. In the meantime, the team continued working on some other aspects. For instance, support for the much talked about Amazon cloud through the Splendor AMI was launched early in 2013, rendering users with a quick and simplified approach for the deployment of ColdFusion applications within the Amazon cloud.

Splendor: The prime thematic aspects of enhancements for Splendor incorporate taking ColdFusion into the age of social application support and mobile application development. Special focus is laid on additional security aspects, drawing upon the considerable work done in the field of security for release 10 and acquiring its priorities from the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 Project. Enhanced deployment and manageability coupled with new and revamped PDF assimilation functionality have also been planned. In short the version of ColdFusion server codenamed “Splendor” involves the following:
  • Mobile Application Development that is mobile streamlined
  • Novel PDF functionalities
  • Empowering enterprises to go for easy integration of Social Media Streams
  • Enhanced deployment and installation experience
  • Language Improvement
  • Pluggable Framework
Dazzle: So far as the dazzle release is concerned, extension of the mobile platform to render support to the multi-screen content and capabilities are planned. Dazzle is also anticipated to give Adobe the required push within the digital marketing domain through introduction of more intense social, mobile and web analytics functionality. The Dazzle release is expected to offer an enterprise video portal having the potential to be customized, along with capabilities that will empower ColdFusion to operate within cloud environments in key cloud platforms. Lastly, the enhancements are expected to be accompanied by a serious focus on the security aspects, moving ahead with the work that is done with splendor and emphasizing on mobile security with respect to the Mobile Security Project of OWASP. So, with Dazzle, we have the following:
  • Enterprise mobility ensuring scalability, performance and multiple-platform support
  • Support for content that is multi-screen and responsive
  • Social Mobile and Web analytics for digital marketing
  • Enterprise Video Portal that can be tailored
An Insight into the ColdFusion Builders With regard to ColdFusion Builders, two releases coinciding with the Servers are on the cards. Key work areas have also been identified for the latest releases of ColdFusion Builder.

Thunder: The release of Thunder is anticipated to play a major role in the stepwise developmental workflow in case of mobile application development and also offer a professional experience in JavaScript authoring. New developers would constitute the prime focus area along with new workflows underlining a “getting started” scenario. On the whole, Thunder brings with it the following:
  • Step-by-step workflow for mobile application development
  • An enhanced getting started experience
  • Professional support for JavaScript development
Blizzard: The ColdFusion Builder, code-named Blizzard, would most probably be released simultaneous to the Dazzle server release, featuring multi-screen one click support and deployment support corresponding to Ops/Dev integration trends, as well as enhanced debug and test workflows. In short, we get,
  • Multi-screen support with a single click
  • Convenient application deployment
  • High quality, improved debug and test workflows
Along with the server and builder releases, ColdFusion also brings in some cloud offerings. All of these taken together indeed spell a bright future for Adobe ColdFusion with increased performance, support and security.

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