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Understanding The Difference Between Quality And Price In Ca

by EuroTech

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For a car owner to be able to afford the repairs and maintenance work on their car, they need to request for an estimate from their preferred collision repair shop. This is because working without an estimate can be both misleading and very expensive. Estimates contain amounts for the various items that shall be carried out on the car over a period of time at the automotive repair shop. For many car owners the main attraction on their estimates is the cost component. This is because they believe that estimates have been overpriced and try to look for areas where the costs can be reduced to make their overall bill more manageable. This is not a bad practice because people do not want to have to pay extra for services which they deem to be unduly expensive. Since they know that they will keep bringing their car back at other times, they feel they deserve a break once in a while. When it comes to estimates however, car owners should know that there is a big difference between the quality of the work that they require and its attached price.

As far as price is concerned many body shops use a figure that covers parts and labor. The figure can vary between different establishments because of the difference in the spare parts that are used. In this category a car service provider, in liaison with their customers, can decide to work with aftermarket or OEM spare parts. Aftermarket spare parts also vary considerably depending on the car model, its age and the age of the spare part. The expected results when using aftermarket spare parts greatly varies depending on the kind of workmanship that has been used to perform the repair. Trained and specialized auto workers are more expensive because they use their technical skills to add value to their clients. Unskilled garage workers however, use trial and error techniques to fix car problems and because they have not been trained, anything is possible. A car owner should ensure they have a very clear picture on the spare parts that are being used and also kind of workforce that is present at their chosen motor service provider.

When it comes to quality, different standards apply to different people. This is because; quality is what satisfies each person’s needs. This means that there is no quick fix regarding the quality that will satisfy all customers at the same time. What most reputable service providers do so as to be able to give their customers the quality that they require, is to first understand their personal expectations for their cars and then provide an estimate that is workable.

It is important to know that a customer can negotiate from an estimate and that sometimes it can affect the type of workmanship done on their car. A customer should aim to be reasonably practical in terms of what is possible or not.


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