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UV Adhesive or Other Types: Which One Should You Use?

by shannonmcniel

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If your business relies heavily on the use of adhesives, then choosing the types that best suit your needs is critical to your success. You want to make sure that you have the adhesives that meet your bonding and sealing requirements and is the right product for the job. Below is a list of the different adhesives and where they're most suited for.

UV adhesive

Industrial strength UV adhesive contains monomers that crosslink or “cure” when exposed to ultraviolet light to form a polymer. Curing can happen in less than a second under the proper conditions, so this adhesive type can be used in critical situations. Acrylic adhesives are the most popular UV adhesive but UV cure versions of urethanes, silicones, and cyanoacrylates are also widely used.

Cyanoacrylate adhesive

More popularly known as “crazy glue”, this type of adhesive is fast setting, solvent-free, and react with the moisture on the surfaces of materials to create a strong and rigid plastic adhesive layer. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are very high in tensile and shear strength, but low in peel strength.

Water-based adhesive

This particular adhesive uses water as a carrier or diluting medium. It sets by allowing water to evaporate or be absorbed by the material where it's applied on. There are several types of water-based adhesives like vegetable glues, resin cements, animal and protein glues, and latex cements.

Thermal adhesive

A thermal adhesive is brought to a liquid state through heating and is applied onto a material while hot, either as a liquid or paste. The most common types are waxes and hotmelt. Waxes are the oldest form of thermal adhesives and have been used for sealing documents for centuries. Today, they are mainly used as laminating adhesives for foils and films. Hotmelts, meanwhile, can be used to bond many types of materials and come in three general categories based on how fast they set after application: fast set, delayed set, and pressure sensitive.

Other types of adhesives include two-part adhesives, moisture cure, anaerobic, and film. There are different types of adhesives for glass, plastic, metal, and other materials so consult an expert to learn which type is best for the materials you use in your business. Learn about the history of adhesives from

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