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Be smart in computing - Use Flash Storage System

by swethar

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“Time and tide waits for none”- this age old proverb seems to be getting truer day by day. Time has become the most critical factor of our lives. It is the deciding factor of failure or success, gain or loss. We have shifted from bullock carts to cars to save time; we have shifted from paper work to online work to save time. The world just does not run on hard work these days, you need to be smart to win the race. As most of the work is done and stored on computers now-a-days, the storage capacity of the computer is increased by using various additional devices like hard drives, flash storage or tape storages and libraries.

Flash storage is smart computing. It uses flash memory and is devoid of any mechanical part. This is a large USB memory stick running on electricity and is an alternative of standard hard drives which stores data on disks. It consists of two main components- the memory chip and the access controller. The size of the device depends on the amount of usage. If the user wants to store all the data on computer’s storage media a large USB is needed while a small USB is enough if the user is comfortable with storing the data on an external drive. These are a single part both removable and rewritable. These are much smaller than floppy disks or CD-ROMs. These do not have any movable part and is also soundless.

Flash storage is mainly used because it is many times faster than its other counterparts. It has a high rewritable memory and is capable of reducing the response time of servers and storage systems from milliseconds to microseconds. As these are a single solid part, usage of energy is less, have increased reliability and durability. This storage device uses less electricity, there is no requirement of batteries, and hence is cost effective. These are known to have less failure rates and are durable. Enterprises gain a competitive edge due to fast access to data which leads to fast delivery of information to customers.

This high speed technology is compatible for both individual users and multinational companies. They are a part of cell phones to tablets, notebooks to PCs to support the huge amount of data transaction that is taking place not only at company level but also in individual lives. The best part is that, due to its increasing popularity and technological advancements, flash memory is getting affordable day by day. Flash thus enables us to keep pace with the hectic life of recent times without much trouble.

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