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Make a perfect home; not a perfect house!

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What is a home? What many people would think is a place of habitation or safe haven.When it passes on to a building or structure, it is more often than not a place in which an individual or a family and relatives can live and store their private belongings. It is in general a place to afford safety, security and protection and is used as a hub as of which individuals or animals, birds and plants support their activities and actions on a daily basis.

A house is just a building or the structure that may be empty and silent and may be pleasant and full of people, other than a home is the people who exist in the house and create it a secure and pleasing place to live happily.

Moreover a home is the place where you exist, adore, worship and sense reception. It is the place where you glance ahead to going away to at the end of the day. It is calm, secured and stable. It perhaps is an apartment in an apartment house building, a decrepit shack, a hall or a split level in the suburbs, but it is all the time a place where you feel safe and comfortable. On the other hand, just for the reason that a place is yours, or because your family lives there, does not essentially make a place a home, but a house is a structure or a building.

There are some key fundamentals in making a calm and prosperous home life: the relationships and behavior between family members, the atmosphere and the environment of the home itself, the way the home is run, the location of the home, the structure, building and accommodation of the home.

There are some of the factors that a buyer always keep in mind while buying a house:


Location matters a lot! If the location of the house will not be peaceful and calm then there are many problems such as if some essential things like market, school, restaurants and parks are not near to your house than the life would be empty and dull. So an ideal location of a house shall have schools, adventurous parks, restaurants, super stores, markets etc in close proximity to the house.


Structure and the building of the house affects to the buyer a lot as if the structure and building of the house will not be good enough that the family could not accommodate or adjust there, then definitely no one will buy that house. Kitchen and washrooms are the most important areas in a house so their construction matters a lot.

Near by markets, parks and restaurants

A house’s location should be like this that the markets, restaurants and the amusement parks should be in the vicinity of the house so the people living in the house do not have to go for these basic facilities very far.


Schools are the most important thing for the children so the good schools should be in the area of your house so that you may drop them easily to the school everyday without any hesitation.

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