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Cloud Architecture – What You Ought to Know

by swethar

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The cloud technology is the greatest technological invention of today. This technology has shown the best solutions to most of the critical problems encountered by the global village today. A customer from the United States can be served by a company in India in real time. This is the greatest advantage of the cloud computing technology. On realizing the importance of this technology, the legend companies in the information technology have entered into this market. There are millions of satisfied customers for this technology. As a matter of fact, a number of unique ways are designed to utilize this technology to an optimum extent.

The cloud architecture plays a vital role in this process. The cloud architecture must be designed in an efficient manner. Many important aspects are to be kept in mind while preparing perfect cloud architecture. This is because; proper cloud architecture would empower a better performance of the system. Efficient cloud architecture can help build a fastest and more reliable cloud computing network.

Any Cloud architecture would function perfectly as to the expectations of the customers and receive their applauds if following things are ensured.

A good scalability yields a good cloud computing network. Understand the merits of the horizontal scaling. The patterns that are covered under this would include auto scaling, queue centric work flow, horizontally scaling compute etc.

Work on huge amount of data efficiently. Handling the huge amount of data among the distributed network is very crucial. Eventual consistency could make it possible. The eventual consistency would use the techniques of map reduce and data base sharing patterns.

The failures must be handled effectively. The failures would be inherent as numerous customers enter into the system simultaneously. But proper mechanism is to be employed. Busy signal and node failure techniques are to be used for this purpose.

There exist users around the globe. So, there exists the network latency. Getting empowered with sophisticated tools to encounter it would yield fruitful results. The techniques of collocation, valet key etc can be employed for this purpose.

With the advancement of technology and increasing utilities of cloud computing technology, most of the corporate companies have entered into the market. Some of them are offering the services whereas some other entered for utilizing the service. In the most cases, Cloud Strategy is felt important.

Some individuals believe that possessing no strategy is also a strategy. But, in the majority of companies they are moving ahead with a specified strategy. The cloud strategy attracts huge importance as a result of increasing competition in the market. Most of the strategies would focus on offering high quality services to their customers with a flawless technology. There are certain companies in the market that offer a free cloud storage service to the customers and are based on advertisement revenue.

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